Friday, May 3, 2013

Powerful Panels - Polarity #1

Jorge Coelho, artist of Boom! Studios new Polarity mini-series, creates some wonderfully fun hipster designs. Check out the panels below and pick out your favorite art-show hister! (Note: I did not point out Alexis and Lily...that's actually in the comic.)

Polarity #1 - Art Show Hipsters - 365 Days of Comics
Polarity #1 - Art Show Hipsters (Click to enlarge)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Powerful Panels - Chris Samnee Daredevil #25

I feel bad for the blind. They never get to see Chris Samnee's art. Check out these Daredevil #25 panels which Samnee has graciously released to the world.
Daredevil #25 - Bearings - 365 Days of Comics
Samnee's panel makes me dizzy just looking at it! Great visual story-telling.

Daredevil #25 - Senses - 365 Days of Comics
The senses are captured brilliantly in this broken image panel. (Click to enlarge)

Jebus, Chris Samnee is talented.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fans Don't Care About Kevin Feige

I saw the banner below on, today.

Fans Don't Care About Kevin Feige - 365 Days of Comics
We get it...Kevin Feige works on the Marvel movies.
Someone has to say it already. Fans don't care about Kevin Feige.

I understand, based on way too many interviews with Kevin Feige, that Feige has been very instrumental to the Marvel movie success. I get that. I just don't care.

He's a producer. Not an actor. Not the writer. Not the director. Not even the concept artist. He's a producer. Producers may be important to the final product actually getting made, but they are not cool to interview unless they are former celebrity actors, writers or directors. The greater population just doesn't care about the producer.

Beyond the status of Feige, we've just seen and heard from him way too much already. Please Marvel, leave your wizard behind the curtain. Fans are tired of hearing about how great and powerful he is. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dom's Digital Purchases - April 10, 2013

Uncanny Avengers #6 - 365 Days of Comics
Uncanny Avengers #6
These are the comic books I bought digitally, today (4/10/2013) through I have yet to read any, so I'll shoot-out a few reviews later this week.

Purchased Today:

Batman and Robin #19 - $2.99

Harbinger #11 - $3.99

Harbinger Wars #1 - $3.99

Batman #19 - $3.99

Uncanny Avengers #6 - $3.99

Age of Ultron #5 (of 10) - $3.99

Hawkeye #9 - $2.99

Avengers #9 - $3.99

Thor: God of Thunder #7 - $3.99

Theremin #1 - $.99 (digital first/only book)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Thanos Rising #1 (of 5)

Thanos Rising #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Thanos Rising #1
Not a huge fan.

Not of Thanos, but of Thanos Rising #1.

Like many children of the late 80's and early 90's, I love Marvel's The Infinity Gauntlet series. Not only does Thanos prove to be a bad-ass, but he also proves to be capable of love and hate...just like me! We're basically the same person. Or so I thought until I read Thanos Rising #1.

Based on the events that take place early in Thanos' life, as documented by Jason Aaron in Thanos Rising #1, Thanos was a strange kid who liked to draw (similar to me, so far so good), who's mother hated him (okay this is where we vary), and who eventually avenged the deaths of his friends by murdering a bunch of lizards (and similar again).

After reading issue one I have decided that I like a large bulky Thanos, not a skinny little lizard hater.

Jason Aaron's plotting is good enough, but the story he has to tell is boring. Simone Bianchi's art, on the other gauntletless hand, is not doing it for me. His figures look a bit off and their faces all seem doll like or lifeless. Lifeless works for Thanos, but not the other characters. In fact, I really enjoy the cover of Thanos' face. Bianchi has it in him, he just didn't put it in Thanos Rising #1.

Thanos Rising #1 - Rating 6/10 - Skip It

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Superior Spider-Man #7

The Superior Spider-Man #7 - 365 Days of Comics
The Superior Spider-Man #7
The Spider-Man crew over at Marvel has been getting a lot of flack since their killing of Peter Parker, er...suppressing of Peter Parker? It's hard to say what exactly the real Peter Parker is theses days. He's like a soul or spirit that is tied to his old body, which is now also occupied and controlled by Doctor Octopus. Anyway, regardless of what Pete is now, he is involved in an interesting era of Spider-Man comic books.

Some Spoilers ahead...though it's not really an issue where spoilers matter. (You can skip the next 2 paragraphs)

The Superior Spider-Man #7 feels like the beginning of the end for Doctor Octopus in Pete/Spider-Man's body. Pete's spirit is discovering that he may actually be able to have an effect on his former body. In previous issues, Pete has tried yelling at Otto from the spirit world (or whatever), but Otto has not been able to hear or feel Pete. Issue #7 marks the first time Pete is heard by Otto, in Otto's head. Also, The Superior Spider-Man #7 marks the first time Pete is able to actually move Otto's body (which is really Pete's).

Otto notices something is off, but unfortunately for him, he is unable to figure out what exactly is happening because Otto/Spider-Man is urgently called for, by the Avengers. The Avengers have known Spider-Man for a long time and they too sense something is awry. When they call Spider-Man for an intervention regarding his brutal behavior towards criminals lately, Spider-Man gets aggressive and the beginning of a battle ensues.

Dan Slott, The Superior Spider-Man writer, does a fine job with The Superior Spider-Man #7. At this point in the story most of the fun is tied up in:
  • Finding out just how aggressive and brutal Otto can be.
  • Finding out if Pete will be able to effect Otto from the spirit world.
  • Finding out if anyone (including the Avengers) will find out that Otto has tagged-in as Spider-Man.
  • Reading the Otto-Spider-Man's dialog. He speaks a lot like Otto so he often uses terminology which is goofy or very awkward for other characters to react to.
Slott has been criticized by so many "Spidey fans" for killing Peter Parker, but The Superior Spider-Man carries on the idea that Pete is still sort of alive. It just seems like a story about Pete losing control, and trying to gain it again. In some ways it feels like when Pete started using the symbiot. Pete started acting differently and lost control of who he was. Same thing...kind of.

Thanks to Dan Slott, I'm looking forward to Peter Parker's future for the first time in years.

Art wise...well, here's the thing. When I was getting back into comic books it was around Marvel's Civil War event. I really loved Humberto Ramos' art on Wolverine and the over-exaggerated character thing worked for me, at that time. Over the years I got burned out on the style. It's not bad, just not my thing anymore. Admittedly though, I thought his work on The Superior Spider-Man #7 was toned down and worked a little better for me. Then again, I could just be extremely interested in the story and thus anything that touches the story is great.

Oh, and before I score the book...Cardiac. Yes! I loved Cardiac back in the Mark Bagley days of The Amazing Spider-Man. It's nice to see the character used again. Thanks, Slott.

Cardiac - The Superior Spider-Man #7 - 365 Days of Comics
Cardiac - The Superior Spider-Man #7

The Superior Spider-Man #7 - Rating: 8.5/10 - Recommended Read

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Age of Ultron #4 - Hiya Dragon Backpack

Did anyone else catch the Dragon Balls Z reference in Age of Ultron #4?

Age of Ultron #4 - Hiya Dragon Backpack - 365 Days of Comics
Age of Ultron #4 - Hiya Dragon Backpack (click to enlarge image)

Task Master is wearing a Hiya Dragon backpack. Hiya Dragon was Gohan's (Goku's son) flying option. Hiya Dragon was basically Gohan's Nimbus Cloud. Check out the video below for reference.

If the backpack actually references something else, please let me know. Thanks!

Dom's Digital Purchases - April 3, 2013

All New X-Men #10 - Stuart Immonen Cover - 365 Days of Comics
All New X-Men #10 - Stuart Immonen Cover
These are the comic books I bought digitally, today (4/3/2013) through I've only read a couple of them so far, but I'll shoot-out a mini review for each in a day or so. You'll notice some of the issues I purchased came out a month, or so, ago. I buy some issues a month later for the $1 digital discount. Get some!

Purchased Today:

Age of Ultron #4 (of 10) - $3.99

All New X-Men #10 - $3.99

Green Arrow #18 - $1 Off (Last Month's Issue) - $1.99

Superior Spider-Man #7 - $3.99

Thanos Rising #1 (of 5) - $3.99

Guardians of the Galaxy: Infinite Comic #3 - Free!

Waiting for $1 Cheaper - Next Month Purchases:

Green Arrow #19

Harbinger Wars #1

As I mentioned above, mini reviews will come shortly.