I've Got You: A Marvel Short

by Dom Gazzuolo

A mens locker room, at an unknown location, is filled with raucous cheers. “…and then he was like ‘I don’t know where they keep the flux propulsion devise. I’m just security.’ Then Jared goes, ‘Really? You coulda fooled us.’ Then Bam! I knocked him straight out!” High-fives all around as the seven Hydra henchmen continue to change into street clothes and go-on about their successful night at work.

A women’s locker room, at the same unknown location, remains quiet. The lone female Hydra henchwoman, Jill Anonymous, changes out of her uniform. When Jill is out of the green get-up she sits for a moment on the locker room bench, wearing her white socks, underwear and a white tank-top undershirt. She sits motionless: head down and stomach slightly pushed outward. She sighs.

Jill begins to walk out of an apparent abandoned warehouse when the group of Hydra men come pouring out of the exit right after Jill. They call out, “Jill…you coming out for drinks? Come on Jill. We’re celebrating!”

Jill holds her hand on her stomach. “Not tonight, guys. Sorry.”

“Awwww!” moan out the men in unison.

“Hey Jill,” yells out Mack, one of the men. “Nice work today with that machine gun! You know…for a girl.”

“Ohhhh!” yell out the men in unison.

“Thanks, Mack. I didn’t think you had a chance to see what happened in the front of the room since you were in the back. I’d wonder why I never see you at the front of a raid, but your boyfriend told me…you like it in the rear.”

“Ohhhh!’ yell out the men in unison. “Jill! Jill! Jill! Jill!” The men, except for Mack, chant Jill’s name as she walks on to her car…smiling.

“Night, boys.”

Jill gets home, changes into pajamas, and then sits on her bed in the same way she sat on her locker room bench earlier. Jill begins to speak to her belly:

“It’s not like I can just put in my resignation. You die a Hydra agent. The only thing I can control is who kills me…hero or Hydra. (Jill pauses) Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you. I’ll pull a Mack and stay back. (Jill smiles.) We’ll get through this…together. (Jill pauses again) I know, I know…I’ve got you.”

Jill wraps her arms around her midsection and holds herself tight.

Jill lies asleep in her bed when she gets a call on her phone. The number is unknown.


“H 4…bullet alert,” states a robotic voice right before the phone call drops.

Jill immediately jumps out of bed, puts on some sweet pants, a hoody and shoes then leaves her apartment. She hops in her car and quickly drives back to the warehouse she had just been at hours before. As she begins to get closer Jill hears gun fire coming from inside the warehouse. She jumps out of the car and starts running towards the structure when suddenly a large explosion from the warehouse sends her flying backwards: smashing Jill through her car windshield. Jill is instantly knocked-out.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Sounds of a heart monitor slowly bring Jill to. She opens her eyes to find herself in a hospital bed. To her side, in a nearby chair, sits Mack: his clothes ripped and skin scuffed-up.

“Jill?...Jill? Thank god you’re okay…I mean…thank god…”

“What…the fuck…was that about?”

Jill rubs her head and looks at Mack while she winces from pain and stiffness.

“Iron Man had somehow detected our tech and busted up the place… We were…well…I was, called in by the ASR (automated security response) unit.”

“Yeah, me too! Ow.” Jill recoils with pain.

“I guess we were lucky we didn’t respond quicker. We could have lost our…”

Jill reaches for her stomach all of a sudden remembering what she had been carrying. Her face turns horrified and melts into sadness. She looks at Mack as if to ask the horrible question.

“Jill…I’m so sorry…”

“No, no, no! My baby…”

Mack embraces Jill who has her arms wrapped around her mid section with her head down crying and moaning out “no.” The nurse comes running in after hearing the outburst of emotion from Jill’s hospital room.

“She’s…,” Mack searches for the words to tell the nurse, but can’t come up with “fine” or “okay.” He just holds his hand up letting the nurse know to give them a moment. The nurse backs out of the room with her hand up to her mouth, holding back her own emotions.

Then Mack looks back down to Jill, embraces her completely, and says, “I know. I know…I’ve got you.”

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