Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hickman's Avenger Titles are Starting to Connect

Did anyone else catch that the panel on the last page in New Avengers #3 (this past Wednesday) was seen in a panel from the opening of Avengers #1, from a couple of months ago? I'm so excited! Jonathan Hickman's stories are starting to connect. You know Hickman has a long large story planned out for the Avengers. This is just the beginning...
New Avengers #3 - Jonathan Hickman - 365 Days of Comics
New Avengers #3 - The Illuminati wipes Cap's memory!
The second to last panel was first seen below, in Avengers #1.
Avengers #1 - Jonathan Hickman - 365 Days of Comics
Avengers #1 - Cap wakes from something like a "bad dream."
After re-reading the Avengers #1 page, I'm actually thinking that maybe Captain America knows that he didn't just experience a bad dream. Maybe Cap knows something is up and doesn't want to put his cards on the table just yet. Since Cap says that the experience he just had was "something like" a "bad dream" he could be implying that what he experienced was so horrible it should only take place in things such as "bad dreams."

We've just been Hickmaned!

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