Friday, January 25, 2013

Overrated Comic Book of the Week: Young Avengers #1

I don't get it.

Initially, I held off on buying this book because the creative team didn't blow me away, and I'm not always into Marvel titles dedicated to just the younger heroes. But after hearing great things about the issue from a website I enjoy and trust, (who also had it as their pick of the week), I gave it a chance.

I bought it digitally through the Comixology app, as I always buy comics these days, and was pleasantly surprised to see that after 2 days Young Avengers #1 already had a 4 star rating with over 200 reviews through Comixology.

And time!

It was a quick read. More importantly...I just didn't care about most of the characters. I was kind of excited to see Noh-Varr in the book since he is a powerful character that I latched onto after Grant Morrison's mini-series introducing him. But he is only in the first few pages and he's mostly just dancing and singing (except in a 2-page spread...see below).

Two of the other boys in the issue, Hulking and Wiccan, have a cliche argument about being who they are gifted to be which wastes like 5 pages, while kid Loki and Marvel's young Spanish-speaking Wonder Woman knock-off (drawn much better by Nick Dragotta in Vengeance) have a random confrontation on Hulking and Wiccan's house. Oh and the end is shocking!...if you care about non powered characters that aren't really important to the future of this comic book.

Young Avengers #1 was just very blah to me. I didn't care what was going on and I'm not excited that this issue cost $3.99. The writing was dull and the art, except for one of the 2-page spreads (see below), was bland and boring.

To be fair to the creators, I will give the first few issues a chance. I didn't care for the book, but sometimes stories don't really take shape until 3 to 5 issues in. Maybe the book gets better... Hopefully.

Until then, these are the only 2 pages I enjoyed. It's actually a pretty sick layout. Props to Jamie McKelvie on this spread. Let's see more of this in the future.

Young Avengers #1 - Noh-Varr - 365 Days of Comics
Young Avengers #1 - 2-page spread (Click for Larger View)

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