Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SDCC Can't Miss: Friday's Ballroom 20 (Early & Late)

Everyone knows the television big boys are put in Ballroom 20, at San Diego's Comic Con. This year, the best day to check-out some Ballroom 20, television panels, is Friday. Let's breakdown what you will be treated to:

Community: 10 - 11am - Almost the whole cast (excluding Donald Glover and Chevy Chase) will be in attendance to talk about the upcoming season which NBC just could not kill. Personally, I think Joel McHale is hilarious and Alison Brie (Mad Men) is absolutely adorable. Damn that Pete for treating her the way he does! Anyway...the panel is sure to be nothing but fun.

Firefly: 10 Year Anniversary: 12:30 - 1:30pm - Joss Whedon and the cast from Firefly will be together again for a trip down memory lane. If you've never seen Nathan Fillion on a panel, at a convention, you've never lived...nerd! I guarantee he will have the whole room laughing, smiling and even in tears. I wonder if anyone will ask Whedon if he wants to put Fillion in the next Avengers film as the superhero known as, Nathan Fillion.

Breaking Bad: 6:45 - 7:45pm - I trust almost everything Conan O'Brian tells me through the TV. One thing that Conan constantly tells me is that Breaking Bad is the best show on television now, and possibly ever. Currently, I am in the middle of season 2 on Netflix and I am loving it. With that said, I hear the best is yet to come. Join show-runner (and genius), Vince Gilligan, and the cast as they discuss the upcoming final season which begins shortly. They'll bring some footage for Ballroom 20 guests, too. So for those of us who absolutely cannot wait to see some new Bad...this is the panel for us.

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