Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The New iPad & My Digital Comics

After a recent weekend in Vegas, my iPad 2 needed to be taken back to Best Buy so that I could take advantage of my 1 year damage warranty. The warranty gave me the option to replace the iPad 2 with the new iPad for free, so I of course did. With the new retina display, I was super excited to see the new device in action.

So after using the new iPad for a couple of days, what do I think? Well...it's alright.

The new retina display is definitely noticeable when viewing digital comics. While images are slightly sharper, it's the text that really take advantage of the new display. The smallest font now seems legible to the point where a comma and period are distinguishable. On the iPad 2 the font looked nice, but there were times when I was unsure if sentences stopped or paused. Pacing can be important for characterization and energy, so minor text details (such as punctuations) are very important for digital comic books.

iPad 2 Compared to the New iPad - 365 Days of Comics
Can you tell the difference?

The colors and images are very crisp and clean, but I honestly can't tell the difference. I'm sure if I looked at the same page, side by side, on an iPad 2 and a new iPad, I would be able to see a difference. But without that comparison I can't see any major image upgrades.

One other thing that is noticeable, besides the text, is the file size of each issue. The file is almost double the size on the new retina display iPad...which is why I spent a little extra to upgrade to a 32GB iPad. My iPad 2 was a 16GB, and that made it possible for me to have a lot of comics downloaded at one time. To maintain the same amount of downloads it was essential that I upgrade. So I did.

If someone is thinking about purchasing an iPad and they are on a budget, I recommend just getting the iPad 2. It only costs $399 for a 16GB Wifi only model. The new iPad isn't really worth it unless you get the $599 32GB model. For $200 more, I am unsure if the upgrade is necessary. With that said, having the most recent model is always nice when you consider using the iPad for other apps. If you can spend $599 get the new one, but if you need that $200 for coke to then put into lines on your iPad 2...you won't be disappointed with the 2nd gen model.

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