Friday, June 1, 2012

The Diablo III: Sword of Justice

Diablo III: Sword of Justice #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Diablo III: Sword of Justice #1
I am one of the few people who is not yet playing Diablo III. I am one of the even smaller group of people who is not yet playing Diablo, yet played Diablo a lot!

Here's the skinny. I need to build a new computing rig before I can enter into a life engulfing experience, and that computing rig is going to cost me a little more than I want to pay at the moment. I will eventually buy a new components for my computer, but for now I will have to get by by watching my friends play and reading the DC comic book "Diablo III: Sword of Justice."

"Diablo III: Sword of Justice" (according to my pal) follows a storyline within Diablo III. In what way, I am not exactly sure, and nor do I care to find out until I play the game for myself. What I do currently know, after reading the first 3 issues in the 5 issue DC mini-series, is that the comic book is very cool. I enjoy the references to locations, characters and groupings of people/creatures, and feel like I am getting a deeper look into the world of Diablo before even entering the world. It's like reading a book about New Orleans and then going there.

Aaron Williams does a nice job of writing dialog that seems to fit the characters' race/type. The interactions and conversations have an easy reading flow that never give me thoughts of skipping ahead or considering passing over a brief monolog (let's face it...we know when we can skip a panel or two).

The highlight of "Diablo III: Sword of Justice" is Joseph Lacroix's art. His interiors have such a wonderful ruggedness to them that goes perfectly with the Diablo environment. His style reminds me a bit of Mike Mignola, which can't be bad when dealing with weird creatures, swords and bearded folk. I came to the comic book because of the story, but I am definitely hooked by the art. Oh, and a big shout-out to Dave Stewart and Lee Loughridge for their coloring contributions. They picked great tones and color pallets for their issues.

If you're a fan of Diablo, the video game not the Spanish Devil, I recommend checking out DC's "Diablo III: Sword of Justice." (The 4th issue is a new release this week, and there is only one issue to go.) It will keep you entertained during those sad times when you are not playing Diablo III online.

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