Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Moments With Mr. Lindel

The following is my short story that I wrote for NPR's "3 Minute Fiction" writing contest. The story had to be related to a real or fictional United States' President. This is what I came up with...and no, I did not win. Bastards!

Great Moments With Mr. Lindel

The crowds of people come and go. Many in the audience have seen the President give his speech many times before. The same speech…sometimes modified, but the same speech. There may be a few people whom have tried laying claim to seeing the President speak more than any other, but these are foolish assumptions that have over looked a one Mr. Lindel: The man behind the curtains…usually.

California was itself on that day in the summer of ‘88. A sweaty Mr. Lindel came to work with the eagerness of any man who gets to work with the President. Meetings between the two had been scheduled every early afternoon, except Thursdays, for the last four years. The President would sit there as Mr. Lindel polished his shoes, straightened his clothes and generally made sure the President looked good and ready for the many eyes that would be upon him that day.

Twenty minutes before the President’s scheduled speech, which had drawn a line of waiting men, women and children, Mr. Lindel noticed there was a problem. The President was having movement issues and was spasming uncontrollably. No matter what old trick Mr. Lindel tried he couldn’t stop the President’s strange movements. To make things even worse, the President was now babbling parts of his speech. The President had no control over his actions.

“Mr. President, what’s wrong?! This has never happened to you before!”

With the speech now 15 minutes away, and the President moving uncontrollably on stage, Mr. Lindel did the one thing he could do…he picked the President up and laid him down in the back, behind the curtains.

“Be still Mr. President. It’s too late to cancel the speech so I am going to have to do something…drastic.”

Mr. Lindel reached around to the back of the President’s neck, gave his neck a sharp squeeze and the President went limp. Staring at the President’s lifeless body, Mr. Lindel hesitated for a moment until he heard the introductory music play for the guests who were about to enter the hall. Mr. Lindel quickly stripped the President of his clothes, put them on as his own and jumped into the chair placed in the darkened center of the stage.

Breathing heavily from his quick movements and anticipation of what was coming next, Mr. Lindel tried to organize the speech he had heard every day, except on Thursdays, for the last 4 years. Could he give the speech as eloquently as it was presented every day? Even in poor lighting, would the audience be able to tell something was off, or would the crowd buy it and accept a truly human moment?

The President’s introduction announcement begins: “We pay tribute here, not to a man who lived a century ago, but to an individual who lives today, in the hearts of all freedom loving people. His prophetic words are as valid for our time as they were for his. And now, the skills of the sculptor and the talents of the artist who let us relive, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.”

As the lights slowly raised, so too did Mr. Lindel. He proceeded to give the performance of a lifetime.
As Mr. Lindel sat in the dark, waiting for the next group of people to enjoy Disneyland’s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Lindel couldn’t help but think, “Thank God I haven’t shaved this month.”

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Relative is a Bigger Spidey Fan Than Me!

I thought I was the biggest Spider-Man fan in my family until I saw this picture of my mother's cousin's child, Connor. Connor may be at the hospital here, but he is by far the new coolest person in my extended family...besides his mom Colleen, of course (for taking the picture).

Connor and Spidey - 365 Days of Comics
Connor and Spidey...a couple of web-heads.

Also, while we are on the family subject...

Happy Birthday Mom! Love you like Pete loves May...every minute, of every day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reduced Price Pick of the Week: Battle Beasts #1

 Battle Beasts #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Battle Beasts #1: Variant Cover
One month after the release of Battle Beasts #1, Comixology digital readers can now get the IDW comic book for only $1.99. The issue is a must have, and here's why!
  1. Valerio Schiti's interior art is revelation. I had not heard of Schiti before Battle Beasts, but his panels contain so much energy that I can't wait a month for issue #2. I may purchase Battle Beasts #2 at the full $3.99 price! The various character designs are lively and fun to see in multiple battle positions. Plus, Schiti's ink work helps make his imagery pop off the page: nice separation and depth control.
  2. The story is basically filled with huge animals such as bears, walrus and hawks that battle like humans would with swords, spears and axes. Powerful weaponry in the hands of powerful beasts? Yes, please. If you liked the television cartoon show Dinosaucers when you were young, you'll like Battle Beasts.
  3. Battle Beasts #1 is 32 pages long. At only $1.99 you are definitely getting your bang for your buck.
  4. Did I mention the art? Soooo good.
Get this book today!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Great Moments at SDCC 2012: Marvel Shows Respect

San Diego Comic Con 2012 was like many other SDCC's. There were crazy crowds and lines, thousands of cosplayers, a bunch of great panels, wonderful artists and plenty of good friends to enjoy the weekend with. SDCC was a success! With any success there are moments that help define that success. This is one of those moments that made SDCC 2012 great for me.

Axel Alonso and Arune Singh Respect For The Hardcore Fan

Axel Alonso - Marvel Editor in Chief
Much has been made about the crying fan at the Man of Steel panel which the hilarious and huge-hearted Chris Hardwick ran down to hug. Chris said the fan represented what comic con is all about: a fan that was brought to tears because he loves comics/a character so much. While Chris was right, and this moment was indeed special, a great moment involving a huge fan occurred in the Marvel Ultimate Universe panel, really stuck with me.

A real passionate fan got up during the "Q & A" portion of the panel and proceeded to ask an unanswerable question. The kid asked something along the lines of, "I know you can't tell us, but if you were going to make a certain character radioactive, how would you do it."
  1. The scenario suggested by the questionnaire was never raised in the comics or anywhere else. It was just a random thing the kid wanted to see happen.
  2. The panel isn't intended to test the panelists' creative skills on the spot. One can't just go up and say, "If Captain America had a brother who had powers, how would you plot a story out about him?"
As the panelists, lead by Axel Alonso (Marvel's Editor in Chief), tried to explain it was not something they had thought about, the audience started groaning at the further insistence of answers by the questionnaire, "but if you did..." Finally, just as it seemed like Axel had politely let the kid down by telling him, again, it wasn't something Marvel thought about, Axel shocked the audience just as the kid was about to step away. Axel continued with, "How would you do it?"

The audience immediately let out a long sigh knowing that this opened the door for the super fan to ramble on. No one in the crowd wanted to hear some kid's fantasy idea, but still...that's what the crowd received. I would venture to say that many people were a bit angry that Axel was "wasting" their time by encouraging the kid, but I think it was one of the nicest things I have ever witnessed.

This kid was clearly an uber-fan with many ideas about his favorite characters and comics. For him to be able to tell his ideas to the Marvel Editor in Chief, when he could have easily been tossed to the side at the approval of the audience, had to be a magical experience for that kid. After he stumbled through his nonsensical answer, smiling the whole time, Axel shook his head and said something like, "that could work." Axel gave the kid approval and nourished the young man's sense of creativity and pride: something so many comic fans may be in need of.

Arune Singh - Marvel Director of Communications
At this point Arune Singh (Marvel's Director of Communications) jumped in and awarded the questionnaire a limited t-shirt prize for being creative and brave enough to express himself in front of everyone in attendance.

After the panel I saw the young man who asked the question and he looked like he had just been asked to hangout with Spider-Man. His father was with him, so naturally the kid was going on and on to his smiling father about the panel. Seeing the joy on that kid's face, thanks to Axel and Arune's respect of every fan no matter how passionate they are, was worth admission to comic con.

Side Note: Technically I didn't pay because I had a press badge...but I would have!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SDCC Can't Miss: Friday's Ballroom 20 (Early & Late)

Everyone knows the television big boys are put in Ballroom 20, at San Diego's Comic Con. This year, the best day to check-out some Ballroom 20, television panels, is Friday. Let's breakdown what you will be treated to:

Community: 10 - 11am - Almost the whole cast (excluding Donald Glover and Chevy Chase) will be in attendance to talk about the upcoming season which NBC just could not kill. Personally, I think Joel McHale is hilarious and Alison Brie (Mad Men) is absolutely adorable. Damn that Pete for treating her the way he does! Anyway...the panel is sure to be nothing but fun.

Firefly: 10 Year Anniversary: 12:30 - 1:30pm - Joss Whedon and the cast from Firefly will be together again for a trip down memory lane. If you've never seen Nathan Fillion on a panel, at a convention, you've never lived...nerd! I guarantee he will have the whole room laughing, smiling and even in tears. I wonder if anyone will ask Whedon if he wants to put Fillion in the next Avengers film as the superhero known as, Nathan Fillion.

Breaking Bad: 6:45 - 7:45pm - I trust almost everything Conan O'Brian tells me through the TV. One thing that Conan constantly tells me is that Breaking Bad is the best show on television now, and possibly ever. Currently, I am in the middle of season 2 on Netflix and I am loving it. With that said, I hear the best is yet to come. Join show-runner (and genius), Vince Gilligan, and the cast as they discuss the upcoming final season which begins shortly. They'll bring some footage for Ballroom 20 guests, too. So for those of us who absolutely cannot wait to see some new Bad...this is the panel for us.

Friday, July 6, 2012

SDCC Can't Miss Panel - Batman: Beyond The Night of Owls

The best DC comic book to come from DC's New 52 has been Batman, by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Their "Night of Owls" story line, which really started with Batman #1, was a hit in terms of critical opinion (online reviewers) and financial success. Snyder and Capullo took a very unique and interesting approach to Batman by establishing the idea that maybe the man who knew everything about Gotham, and practically was Gotham, had been in the dark his whole life. What if Gotham hadn't been shaped by a bat, but rather a society of owls?

Personally, the excellence of Snyder and Capullo's Batman lead me to want more Batman, so I ventured into Batman and Robin which Snyder praised at Wondercon earlier this year. I also started purchasing Batman Incorporated and even went back and collected the pre New DC 52 Grant Morrison Batman and Robin run. Basically, I am now Batman obsessed. But for good reason! Batman books have been stellar.

So naturally...I am excited to see the direction of the various Batman titles.

The San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) panel, "Batman: Beyond The Night of Owls," will feature editors and writers of the Batman titles including Scott Snyder, J.H. Williams III and more. They will be discussing the direction the new Bat-books will be taking and hopefully displaying some new preview art (like the recently released Capullo Joker art preview...posted below). For Batman, Scott Snyder and comic fans in general, the "Batman: Beyond The Night of Owls" panel is a SDCC can't miss.

Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Batman - Joker Promo - 365 Days of Comics
Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo bring the Joker back to Batman.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oliver Coipel Energizes Avengers Vs. X-Men #7

Avengers Vs. X-Men: Round #7 (issue #7) is a beautiful issue.

The first 5 issues of AvX were handled by the hard working John Romita Jr., but quite frankly were not very impressive in terms of visual content. JRJR just doesn't do it for me when it comes to big action and multiple characters. I know he is a quick worker and Marvel never has to worry about him meeting a deadline, but I'm okay waiting for dynamic pages by elite Marvel artists like Steve McNiven or Oliver Coipel.

Coipel actually illustrated Avengers Vs. X-Men #6, but it wasn't untill issue #7 that I really appreciated his lovely layouts and remarkable solo shots. "Solo shot?" you may ask. These are the shots that where a single character overlaps several panels and highlights the page. (I provided a few of the pages below that highlight Coipel work).

Oliver Coipel continues to impress me with every issue he illustrates, and because of Avengers Vs. X-Men: Round #7 the comic I most anticipate is Avengers Vs. X-Men: Round #8.

Oliver Coipel Art Pages - AVX #7 - 365 Days of Comics
Oliver Coipel highlights Hawkeye.
Oliver Coipel Art Pages - AVX #7 - 365 Days of Comics
Oliver Coipel highlights Cap and Tony Stark.

Oliver Coipel Art Pages - AVX #7 - 365 Days of Comics
Oliver Coipel highlights Namor and Captain America in these 2 pages.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The New iPad & My Digital Comics

After a recent weekend in Vegas, my iPad 2 needed to be taken back to Best Buy so that I could take advantage of my 1 year damage warranty. The warranty gave me the option to replace the iPad 2 with the new iPad for free, so I of course did. With the new retina display, I was super excited to see the new device in action.

So after using the new iPad for a couple of days, what do I think?'s alright.

The new retina display is definitely noticeable when viewing digital comics. While images are slightly sharper, it's the text that really take advantage of the new display. The smallest font now seems legible to the point where a comma and period are distinguishable. On the iPad 2 the font looked nice, but there were times when I was unsure if sentences stopped or paused. Pacing can be important for characterization and energy, so minor text details (such as punctuations) are very important for digital comic books.

iPad 2 Compared to the New iPad - 365 Days of Comics
Can you tell the difference?

The colors and images are very crisp and clean, but I honestly can't tell the difference. I'm sure if I looked at the same page, side by side, on an iPad 2 and a new iPad, I would be able to see a difference. But without that comparison I can't see any major image upgrades.

One other thing that is noticeable, besides the text, is the file size of each issue. The file is almost double the size on the new retina display iPad...which is why I spent a little extra to upgrade to a 32GB iPad. My iPad 2 was a 16GB, and that made it possible for me to have a lot of comics downloaded at one time. To maintain the same amount of downloads it was essential that I upgrade. So I did.

If someone is thinking about purchasing an iPad and they are on a budget, I recommend just getting the iPad 2. It only costs $399 for a 16GB Wifi only model. The new iPad isn't really worth it unless you get the $599 32GB model. For $200 more, I am unsure if the upgrade is necessary. With that said, having the most recent model is always nice when you consider using the iPad for other apps. If you can spend $599 get the new one, but if you need that $200 for coke to then put into lines on your iPad won't be disappointed with the 2nd gen model.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #26

Uncanny X-Force #26 - Opena Cover - 365 Days of Comics
Uncanny X-Force #26 - Opena Cover
"Steve Holt!"

There's nothing like an "Arrested Development" quote to make one question their peak level of enjoyment. How could I have already been loving this issue before Rick Remender threw in a Deadpool pop-culture reference? What's beyond love? That's where I am after "Steve Holt!"

Here's the thing about the quote: it isn't so much what that quote references, but rather it's the fact that Rick Remender knows it and gets it. It tells me that the writer has my taste when it comes to other aspects of entertainment. He gets me, and I get him.

What has Uncanny X-Force been since Rick Remender took over? It's been a series of getting the fan, and me (specifically). Remender understands what fans like. Fans like:
  • Wolverine - in get-claws-bloody-mode.
  • Deadpool - being part annoying towards his team mates and at times a "saving the day" team player.
  • Angel - when he was in Archangel-mode.
  • Cool rotating team members - Deathlok and Nightcrawler
  • Story lines involving cool bad guys - Apocalypse, Archangel, Omega Red type guy, Sabertooth (so it seems)
  • Issues with awesome artists. Any issue Jerome Opena graces is gold in my eyes.
  • Great dialog and character interactions in general.
Uncanny X-Force #26 has everything fans like: Phil Noto handles the interiors while Opena creates another stellar cover, there are sweet bad guys, Wolverine gets his claws red by way of his own blood, Nightcrawler is in the issue and Deadpool "Steve Holt's" it to cap the fun off (though he says that in the middle of the issue).

Great visuals, wonderful dialog and a fun story.

Steve Holt!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Reviews: Harbinger #1, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 & The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Comic) #1

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1
I've been trying to add content more consistently for, so last week I added 3 comic book reviews to the website's front page: Harbinger #1, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 & The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Comic) #1. Below I have posted brief overviews. For my full reviews on the issues, please follow the links! Thank you for checking them out.

Harbinger #1 - 3.5/5

Think Jedi type characters with mind-powers, but no light sabers. The themes are not particularly original, but the book is still interesting and well done. The series is worthy of your dollars for a few more issues to determine if it's a keeper.

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 - 5/5

Darwyn Cooke will make you think the Minutemen were his idea. Cooke's storytelling ability is second to none and his artistic styling seems made for stories that take place 50+ years ago. The perfect artist and writer for a daring project.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Comic) #1 - 2/5

It's a fine effort by the creative team assigned to capitalize on the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie, but no seasoned comic book reader needs to read this comic book. If you wanted a closer look at Spidey's costume design then maybe you could still...nah.

Thanks for the read!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Diablo III: Sword of Justice

Diablo III: Sword of Justice #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Diablo III: Sword of Justice #1
I am one of the few people who is not yet playing Diablo III. I am one of the even smaller group of people who is not yet playing Diablo, yet played Diablo a lot!

Here's the skinny. I need to build a new computing rig before I can enter into a life engulfing experience, and that computing rig is going to cost me a little more than I want to pay at the moment. I will eventually buy a new components for my computer, but for now I will have to get by by watching my friends play and reading the DC comic book "Diablo III: Sword of Justice."

"Diablo III: Sword of Justice" (according to my pal) follows a storyline within Diablo III. In what way, I am not exactly sure, and nor do I care to find out until I play the game for myself. What I do currently know, after reading the first 3 issues in the 5 issue DC mini-series, is that the comic book is very cool. I enjoy the references to locations, characters and groupings of people/creatures, and feel like I am getting a deeper look into the world of Diablo before even entering the world. It's like reading a book about New Orleans and then going there.

Aaron Williams does a nice job of writing dialog that seems to fit the characters' race/type. The interactions and conversations have an easy reading flow that never give me thoughts of skipping ahead or considering passing over a brief monolog (let's face it...we know when we can skip a panel or two).

The highlight of "Diablo III: Sword of Justice" is Joseph Lacroix's art. His interiors have such a wonderful ruggedness to them that goes perfectly with the Diablo environment. His style reminds me a bit of Mike Mignola, which can't be bad when dealing with weird creatures, swords and bearded folk. I came to the comic book because of the story, but I am definitely hooked by the art. Oh, and a big shout-out to Dave Stewart and Lee Loughridge for their coloring contributions. They picked great tones and color pallets for their issues.

If you're a fan of Diablo, the video game not the Spanish Devil, I recommend checking out DC's "Diablo III: Sword of Justice." (The 4th issue is a new release this week, and there is only one issue to go.) It will keep you entertained during those sad times when you are not playing Diablo III online.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Digital Comics Are Not Evil, Just Misunderstood

Comixology App Logo - 365 Days of Comics
I use the Comixology App on my iPad2.
Over on, a hub for pop-culture and comic book entertainment postings, one of the writers recently wrote about how he wasn't "convinced" that digital comics were worth his dollar. I thought the writer, RU/Gheru, brought up many great points, which I have heard from digital doubters in the past. With that said, I did not agree with a lot of what Ru had to say, and therefor took it upon myself to write a counter point post. I do not wish to argue with RU (and those of his same mind), rather I simply hope to clear up some misinformation in hopes to convince RU (and others) to give digital comic books another chance.

I recommend giving Ru's Views a quick read.

Then! Take a look at my response, a RUView Counterpoint.

After your hour of reading, I'd love to know what some of your thoughts are when it comes to digital comics. Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong or right. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Web Series Postings

Hey gang! I just started a new series of posts that will go up every Wednesday on's blog. The posts will be recommendations of various web series to checkout. The web series will range in subject matter and should always be interesting. Heck, I figured I'm on the internet all day at work...I might as well share some of the fun sites my eyes end up on.

If you have any suggestions of some web series I should be checking out, please shoot me a comment or email. I'd love to find some new ones to tickle my fancy. Sorry. I'll never type that expression again.

Head on over to my first installment of Wednesday Web Series, today!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What If?!...The Avengers Film

Hey. It's me. Dom.

I know it has been awhile but I'm still alive, reading comics and no particular order. Most of my writing has been on side projects, but recently I have contributed a new post to They asked for a fun article that could tie into the up-coming release of Marvel's The Avengers (in theaters tomorrow at midnight), so I obliged them with the following post about scenes I would like to see in the Avengers film...that would most likely not be in the film ( I have yet to see the film).

I present to you:

"I'm Watching youz..."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marvel Movies I'd Like to See: Iron Fist

As we all brace for the anticipated impact of this summer's Marvel giant-size movie, "The Avengers", I thought it would be a nice idea to look even further into the future, and consider which Marvel characters could (or should) have their own film.

How greedy am I? With 3 huge comic book related movies coming out this summer I am already looking beyond them to what I would like to see next. I'm a standard comic book fan: never happy with what I have.

The Immortal Iron Fist: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven - 365 Days of Comics
The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven
The Immortal Iron Fist: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

The second volume of Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction and David Aja's amazing Iron Fist run would make for a thrilling film which could appeal to Marvel and action fans alike. The story centers around a kung-fu-like  tournament involving seven mythical cities' sacred warriors. Each warrior is trained in their cities' style of martial arts and possess unique skills. As the tournament plays-out a plot which threatens the sanctity of the heavenly cities is revealed and it is up to Danial Rand, the current Iron Fish (and respected city's champion), to get to the bottom of the dishonorable treachery.

The great thing about this film is that a lot of the movie can be done in a basic non CG style. The film would not have to spend as much money on CG as say an "Iron Man 2" or even "Thor." But just because there wouldn't have to be as much CG doesn't mean there won't be any. Cool visuals can be produced when the Seven Cities' champions do their special movies. The iconic Marvel visual of Iron Fist's fist in yellow flame as he strikes would make for some nice awe-shit moments throughout his battles, and the other champions would have their sick finishing moves on CG hand (so to speak), as well.

The Iron Fist film could be a "Marvel Knights" type of production where it has more of a darker tone and gritty feel to it. It doesn't have to try and grab the same type of fans who like "The Avengers", but rather the film could branch into a demographic who enjoys martial arts and grit as opposed to just popcorn summer blockbusters. The Marvel fans will still show, the valuable young male demographic will show and maybe even a young woman or two if you make one of the champions some young heartthrob.

It could work, and I'd like to see it...

...especially with the young male heartthrob.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Looking Forward to... Joe Hill's "The Cape"

The Cape - 365 Days of Comics
Joe Hill's The Cape
While a little drunk at a Comic Bug (my local comic shop) function late Saturday night, my buddy asked me if I had been reading The Cape. I did a spit take over several displayed books (not really, Mike and Jun...I swear) and told my friend I would never read a comic book based on that horrible television show. I have my limits! Now the "Smallville" comic that's coming out soon....that's totally different!

My buddy wiped the Newcastle from his glasses and told me I was an idiot. "Joe Hill's, The Cape," he said. I of course did one of those, "Oh Joe Hill's? Ah, yea...I know Joey. He's the best." I had never heard of Mr. Hill.

Joe Hill apparently created a one-shot titled The Cape, in 2005, that lead to a 4 issue mini-series which finishes up this week when issue number four piles on walls Wednesday. My buddy is more in the know when it comes to new good comic books, so I figured...what the heck, I'll buy the one-shot digitally and see what I think.

I bought the issue last night, and I'm looking forward to reading Joe Hill's, The Cape, tonight. (Which again...has nothing to do with the failed NBC show. Parenthesis side note: I think the kid from "The Cape" TV show was the same little boy from the show "Flash Forward." Both were canceled. Coincidence...? )

*Tuesday Update*

I loved Joe Hill's, The Cape one-shot! I'm now looking forward to the mini-series.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Selling of a Collection: Part 1

This isn't something that came out of nowhere.

For some time now, I have considered selling my comic books. In the past this was never an option for my brain to spend time on. My brain had been filled with things like sports, my gal-pal and how to get the best reception in my apartment while using my cellphone. I hate you El Segundo, California!

But things have changed. I bought an iPad 2 (which is soon to be outdone by the iPad 3) and I started running out of space in my apartment. These 2 things made me consider the following:
  • Do I ever go back and re-read my comics?
  • Do I like comics in paper form more than digital?
  • Is it likely that my comic books will grow in value anytime soon?
  • Is the space in my apartment being used as well as it could be?
  • Do I want to become a crazy hoarder?
The answer to all of those questions is "no." If "no" be so, the comics must go! ...or so the pirate Johnnie Cochran would have argued.

The Adventure Begins

Comic Book Box - 365 Days of Comics

The first thing I had to contemplate was how I was going to sell my comic books. There are definitely many avenues.
  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook pimp'n
These routes may get me a decent return on my comics, however, they will involve countless hours organizing my books better, taking pictures of the sets, writing descriptions, dealing with potential buyers and then packaging and shipping. That's a lot of work for a guy who wants to get back to thinking about cookies!

Thank god for back-up plans., and more importantly, thank god for my local comic book shop. They offered to take a look at my stuff and take it off my hands. They would handle all of the work in terms of selling the comics by just buying them from me or giving me store credit in exchange for a section of my collection. Basically, I could get cash equal to 30% the comic books' value or store credit equal to 50% of the comic books' value. At first glance it seems like I am giving up a lot of dollars, but I see it differently.
  1. The shop is doing all of the labor in terms of finding buyers and then actually selling the books.
  2. I'm helping my local comic shop. If I sell to them at a much lower value, they can resell the books at a good price for consumers while still making a profit. This means my local comic shop does well, their customers are happy with a fresh stock of comic sets at a great value, and the shop will continue to buy comics off of me in the future. Everyone wins!
I brought by my first box of comics today and was quite happy with the outcome. I organized a box with nothing but complete mini-series (all in near mint condition) from over the past 5 years and brought them into the shop today. The retail value of the books came to $230, so I could receive $75 in cash or $115 in store credit. I did want some store credit for the few titles I still collect in paper form, and for some gift Hard Covers, so I ended-up taking the $115 store credit and walking away very pleased.

One comic book box down, about 15 to go. Stay tuned for the follow-up adventures as I start to bring in collected ongoing series runs. I'm looking forward to the value placed on some of the runs such as Rick Remender's Frankencastle (such a good run) and Scott Snyder's amazing Detective Comics arcs.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Comics

In a world where space, time and money is not an issue I still thoroughly enjoy physical paper comic opposed to those mental paper comic books (brain thank you). Unfortunately, space, time and money are factors for myself and others, so I have been forced to make the shift to digital comic books.

The adjustment has been hardest in the area of comic shop owner pals. I absolutely enjoy stopping by my local comic shop (the Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA) because the guys that work there are friendly and funny. I want them to do well as business people, but unfortunately my switch to digital comics will hurt them. For that...I am sorry. But with that said...I present...

5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Comics

5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Comics - 365 Days of Comics
5 Reasons to Switch to Digital Comics

5. You Forgot Again?

The convenience of a tablet is unquestionable. You can literally take your library of comic books anywhere! This can be quite useful when sharing comic books at work. When sharing your comics with co-workers it can be a bit annoying to remember to search through your boxes at home for the books they wanted to borrow and then bring the comic books into work. At my work in particular, when there is a little downtime or if it is a lunch break, some people enjoy reading a couple of comic books. I find it much easier to hand them my tablet to borrow at work then to remember and dig through my comics at home. The tablet helps avoid a minor hassle in this case, but any hassle avoided at work is worth it.

4. Take that, Nightlight!

Not everyone has a light or lamp right next to their bed. If one of these lamp-less people decides they want to read a physical comic book in bed they have to read their issue and then get out of bed to turn off the light. What if it's cold outside of the sheets?! This is a problem easily remedied by digital comics on a tablet. When one gets ready for bed they turn off the lights, hop into bed with their tablet and then simply turn their tablet on. Bam! Lit reading! When you're done you can either place the tablet on a table near your bed, or if a table doesn't exist near your bed, simply slip it under your bed so you do not step on it in the morning.

3. What Nerd Store Does our Grandchild Like, Again?

My grandparents and the rest of my extended family are amazing. This is a fact. They constantly give me great Christmas and birthday presents ever year, including presents I ask for. They aren't the type to buy things for me based on guessing. They do their homework! Unfortunately, for my family members (especially the non-locals) they tend to run into a problem if I want comic books. They find out I want comic books but are not always sure what exact ones to purchase. If they are not local to my shop they cannot simply buy me a gift certificate for that shop. Plus, if they got me a Barnes & Noble gift card then I am limited to their smaller selection of graphic novels and single issues (they do actually sell some single issues). For them, the convenience of me having an iPad is that they can simply give me an iTunes gift card and I am able to purchase comic books with iTunes credits: purchases I can make from my work, my home, the toilet...basically anywhere. No longer do I have to go to the shop to get comic books. Granted this option isn't available for non-apple iPad users, but enough people do use an iPad which makes this a valid point when it comes to comic book gift giving.

Digital Comics on the iPhone - 365 Days of Comics
Digital Comics on the iPhone
2. More Than Just Rock Can Harm Paper.

Comic books are made with paper material properties which are found somewhere between a solid and gas state. I know this because all of my comic books' pages become wavy due to the high moisture in the air, in my city. Living in or near a beach city can really screw with the crispness of comic books. The paper is generally too thin to hold it's hard non-wavy form. But a few waves of pages isn't so's the over time color fade that gets me. Older books don't retain their colors they way digital ones do. The colors pop on tablets and digital readers while they sit waiting to fade, in physical comic books. Plus, the color is always a little off when the comic goes to print. Ask any graphic designer what happens when they try printing something at a place like Kinko's: the colors always turn-out slightly off. When the comics are mass produced the coloring may get slight changes. I want to see the true colors, and I feel like I can only get that with digital comic books.

1. Lots of Boxes That Don't Pay Rent

Lets be real. Not all of us are settled down and living in a house which may have storage. Not all of us can afford a habit like comic book collecting and paying for a storage unit just for our dozens of comic book boxes. Many of us do not have the space to store our physical comic books. Clearly digital comic books save space. This seems to be a major reason people are making the switch to digital comics. As a younger fellow who may move around a bunch, the transportation of nearly 20 comic book boxes becomes a huge pain in the ass, as well. You know what's easier than moving 20 comic book boxes? Not moving 20 comic book boxes. The mass amounts of physical comic books our suffocating me. Thankfully, digital comic books our setting me free.

There are plenty of other great reasons to switch to digital comics. What are you reasons for switching, or not switching?