Monday, December 12, 2011

Comic Book Gifts for the Kids

This weekend I stopped into my local comic shop, The Comic Bug, and searched for a few comic books to give as Christmas gifts. I was specifically looking for a couple of comic book tales for children. Two of my co-workers have a child who is starting to get into comic books, so as the office comic book authority I took it upon myself to their child some good reads. I already get their son the individual Reed Gunther comic book issues, but this is Christmas for Christ's sake (literally)! It's time for some trades.

Bad Island - 365 Days of Comics
Bad Island
Bad Island

The first trade I grabbed was a book I was not familiar with, however, Greg (a Comic Bug employee and friend) suggested some great books by the popular author Doug Tennapel. Tennapel may be best known for his character Earthworm Jim, who later starred in his own video game.

The Doug Tennapel selection I picked up was a trade titled, Bad Island. From what I could tell by looking through the wonderfully illustrated story, Bad Island features robots, monsters and of course...a bad island. I can't wait to hear how Bad Island turns out. Plus, I'm looking forward to asking a 9 year old if I can borrow his comic book.

The Incredibles - Family Matters - 365 Days of Comics
The Incredibles - Family Matters
The Incredibles - "Family Matters"

The second trade I picked-up had to have some characters I assumed their young buck would recognize, so I went straight to the Disney section and grabbed the Mark Waid Incredibles story, "Family Matters." I had read somewhere that this little trade was highly entertaining, and that even older readers would enjoy Waid's story. Mark Waid is one of the premier comic writers in the industry, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with this second comic book trade selection.

I hope my co-worker's child enjoys these comic books and that one day, thanks to my contributions, he may enjoy comics as much as I do...if not more.

Were these pretty good selections for a 9 year old? What comics would you get a little guy or girl on your list?

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O B Juan said...

Zita the Space Girl by Ben Hatke is one of the best graphic novels I've found for kids. I give it my highest recommendation.