Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Week in Walter Peck Bombardment

Those of you who picked up this past Wednesday's Ghostbusters #1 will instantly recall who Walter Peck is. The rest of you who didn't pick up the IDW comic book should now be able to remember the character Walter Peck because of the Ghostbusters mention in my first sentence. Walter Peck was the bad guy who arrests the Ghostbusters after he releases a ton of ghosts back to the streets of New York City, in the film.

Walter Peck - Ghostbusters - 365 Days of Comics
Walter Peck will stare your ass down.

The IDW comic book, Ghostbusters #1, brings back the classic villain best known for his angry shouting as a ton of marshmallow gets dumped on him at the end of the film, Ghostbusters. The comic book closes-out with a city official placing Walter Peck in charge of holding the Ghostbusters crew accountable for their services, and once again making sure that the Ghostbusters team isn't actually responsible for the vast amounts of ghost. While it did seem a bit ridiculous that the city would bring Walter Peck back into the ghost-fold, it made for a fun reader moment that tied the comic to the film and created the reemergence of a known villain.

Ok, so Peck showed-up at the end of an obscure comic book...how is that bombardment? Well, that appearance alone would not call for this post. True. However, once the recognizable actor who played Walter Peck, William Atherton, showed up on ABC's "Castle" last night we were all officially Pecked at the eyes...in a good way!

Atherton did not play Peck on "Castle", but rather he played a doctor who worked at a facility in which people paid to have their bodies frozen and preserved. Atherton's lines still maintained their familiar cadence thus making it easy to instantly spot Walter Peck. Once you get past the old...visually he's there, too. Oh, and don't bother checking Atherton's IMDB. His "Castle" stats aren't listed...yet.

"Castle" viewers may have also caught the little shout-out to the classic Walter Peck character which was nicely worked into the show. A kid who was briefly interrogated in the episode had the last name, Peck. It can't be just a coincidence that the actor who played Walter Peck, a famous Peck in pop-culture, starred in an episode where another character had the Peck last name. A tip of the keyword to the writers of "Castle" is in order.

(Pause for keyboard tipping.)

So, is the Walter Peck bombardment over, or is it just beginning? My guess is we will see him this week in "Sons of Anarchy", "Community" and "Doctor Who."

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