Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who Framed Rocket Raccoon?

I did.

Over the weekend Aaron Brothers had a few coupons for 50% any one item, so I thought I might as well make some art presentable. I took a few prints and an original sketch of Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II (which was also inked) to the store and found my matting of choice along with some clean basic frames. When I went to pay for the frames and mats I was informed that the frames I picked-out were already discounted frames, and that the 50% coupon did not apply.

That's when I got all Larry David on them.

Many frames throughout the store were supposedly pre-discounted by Aaron Brothers, and had the lowest price guaranteed "all the time." The sticker on the wrapped frames proved this. The employees said those frames were always discounted and thus, a coupon could not be applied to those frames. But here's the thing... If some frames are always discounted, then that discounted price becomes their actual price. If the price always remain the same without change, then that is the actual price. There is never a time when the frames' price raises. Thus, the price is not really discounted. The price simply is.

I then insisted that my 50% off coupon should apply to one of the frames. If the price is always discounted, then it can never really be discounted because the price is always the same.

I went back and forth with 3 different employees on this point. I was never really mean, however, I may have seemed a bit snarky. I did raise my eyebrows and give a slight smile while I tilted my head saying, "But again, If the price is always discounted, then it can never really be discounted because that is always the price."

The employees may have understood what I said, but I think to think they didn't get it. I had turned into Larry David from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" where watchers of the scene I had created understood my point, yet the people I was interacting with didn't seem to have a clue.

Before I went into a stare-down, backed by some clarinet music, with the employees to see if they truly got what I was throwing their way and not lying about being clueless, I paid full price for my frames (though i did get a mat for 50% off saving $2) and left.

When I got home I matted the original sketch of Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II, and mentally moved on from frustration...to delight.

Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II - 365 Days of Comics
Rocket Raccoon by Timothy Green II doesn't understand why the 50% off coupon didn't work.

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Anonymous said...

Typical! Arron Brothers is stupid though.

Screw them with something hard and sandpapery.