Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Justice League #1 Review

Justice League #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Guess which 3 heroes didn't appear in JL #1.
Over at the grading of the DC 52 is underway with the review of Justice League #1.

The way the review system works:
  • 3 Different reviewers review an issue.
  • The reviewers consist of a DC enthusiast, a Marvel Zombie and an all around comic reader.
  • Reviewers rate the issue out of a score of 100 total points.
I was fortunate enough to be selected to review the first of the new 52, Justice League #1. Geoff Johns is a proven power-house of a writer when it comes to huge events and Jim Lee is one of the greatest artists to draw comic books, so I was definitely looking forward to getting my eyes on Justice League #1. You can read my review (I'm the Marvel-fan reviewer), and the other 2, by clicking on to 52apolooza: Justice League.

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