Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SDCC 2011 Purchase: Eric Canete's Egg Sketchbook

Eric Cante: Egg Sketchbook - 365 Days of Comics
Back and Front of Eric Canete's "Egg" Sketchbook

Often times when I attend comic book conventions I end-up buying a bunch of sketchbooks, prints or comics, but the San Diego Comic Convention is so overwhelming in terms of  awesomeness everywhere you look that I couldn't pull the trigger on purchasing anything (well, almost). Fortunately, before the zombie storm of product bombardment hit me I got off one round and ended-up with a truly pleasing item.

Eric Cantete: Egg Sketchbook

Since reading Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin a few weeks back I have been in wonder of Eric Canete's lively art work. His characters seem to jump off the page at you in a way I haven't felt since I first discovered Chris Bachalo's work. Like Bachalo, Cantete has a unique slightly exaggerated (Bachalo's are a bit more exaggerated) design style. The characters feel real, yet are infused with an energy that is purely comic book like. Canete's art is perfect for the pages of comics. With that said, once I spotted Eric Canete on the far wall of Comic Con I made a beeline for his table.

I played it cool.

"I have to say, your work on the Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin changed my life...I mean. It had a lot of life and energy. I liked it a lot!"


"Thanks," Eric Canete said with a welcoming smile as he looked-up from a piece he was commissioned to draw. He then looked back down and continued to do his work while I flipped through his portfolio of original pages. The pages were out of my price range, but so thrilling to look at. I then moved to his sketchbook "Egg" which was in my price range ($25). Though the cover was slightly scuffed and dented, Canete only had 2 left...and it was only Friday!

I was so excited to get a copy and say thanks, I forgot to have him sign it! I didn't even relize that I had forgotten until this week when I was looking through the sketch book again. At that point I had "Egg" in my hands and on my face.


Signature aside, "Egg" is a masterful sketch book. I particularly love all of his Marvel work since I follow Marvel Comics' characters pretty closely. I am admittedly still a bit of a child at heart when it comes to nude drawings...something that there are several pages of in Eric Canete's "Egg." They are well done figure drawings and...


Sorry. Like I said...a bit of a child.

I may have only purchased one thing at the San Diego Comic Con 2011, but it was a purchase I am supremely happy with. Take a look at one of the Avengers sketches from inside of Eric Canete's "Egg" below. Enjoy!

Eric Canete: Egg Sketchbook - Avengers Sketch - 365 Days of Comics
Eric Cante: Egg Sketchbook - Intricate Avengers Sketch

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