Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pulls and Quick Reviews for 8/24/2011

FF #8 - 365 Days of Comics
FF #8 - Cover by Daniel Acuña
Wolverine #14 - $3.99

Jason Aaron finally wraps up his "Wolverine's Revenge" story arc in a way only half expected. The Red Hand, the group throwing random fighters at Wolverine, plays their final card, and we learn something about the fighters Wolverine has taken down during the last several issues. I'm happy the story is basically over since I thought too many issues were wasted on the build-up, and I'm also pleased with what comes out of the arc. Jae Lee does another fin job with the cover as well; however, I'm not a huge fan of the claw-like finger tips. The dude already has adamantium claws, do his nails have to be long and pointy, as well? Rating: 3.5/5

Uncanny X-Force #13 - $3.99

Any time Remender has Fantomex pull a Jamie Kennedy on someone ("you just got x-ed") I know I'm going to enjoy Remender's issue. A well timed misdirection helps X-Force and the Age of Apocalypse good-guy crew get back to the 616 time-line. Granted when they get there they run into an unexpected welcoming party which is sure to add some action to issue #14. Maybe it's because I'm not a hardcore X-Men fan, but I get sick of this idea that Wolverine is obsessed with Jean...even a Jean from an alternate reality. By this time I feel like Wolverine could control his feelings, and understand the difference between his time-line and another. This issue gets docked a bit for mushiness, but overall it's still an action filled fun edition to the Uncanny X-Force run. Rating: 3.5/5

FF #8 - $2.99

I find it funny that one of Marvel's best books is only $2.99. There may be 2 less pages, but Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting (this issue's artist) add so much story-telling content that this book could easily shift to $3.99 and I wouldn't even notice. Hickman has a way of weaving so many plot lines together in the FF that I can't help but starve for the next issue as soon as I finish the current: the villains that have assembled to assist in getting rid of the alternate time-line Reeds begin to reveal their true colors, while the Inhumans' entrance into the battle becomes troubling, while the true Reed and Doom's plans fall apart. Things are heating-up as Hickman's FF run continues. Value and Steve Epting art alone give this issue a strong score. Rating: 4.5/5

The Ultimates (Three) #1 - $3.99 (purchased digitally)

Jonathan Hickman is kind of a big deal, so who better to reboot the Ultimate Universe's main title than Marvel's Ron Burgundy. Not only did Hickman write a fast paced exciting first issue, but his Ultimates partner Esad Ribic did an amazing job on the books art. The nature of the characters such as Tony Stark and Thor really comes out in this first issue. Ribic does a particularly fine job on defining the characters based on their body positioning, facial expressions and movement throughout the panels. The Ultimates #1 ends in entertaining chaos and is sure to continue with a large-scale adventure. Rating: 4.5/5

Captain America and Bucky #621

Yeah, the story is well written by one of my favorites Ed Brubaker, but this reason this book is almost a perfect comic is due to the amazing pencil work of Chris Samnee. His style sets the tone of the 40's based Cap and Bucky arc with a mastery that hasn't been seen in comics for some time now. Samnee has proven himself to be a once in a decade artist who's style tells a story so well that if his comics did not include any text, they would still be some of the most impressive books on the stands. Get this comic book! Unfortunately, I cannot give it a 5 out of 5 due to Marvel's horrible decision to use an Ed McGuinness cover. I would not usually recommend harming a comic book, but ripping off the cover and then bagging and boarding the rest may be a good idea. Rating: 4.5/5

Doctor Who Annual 2011 - 365 Days of Comics
DW Annual 2011
Warehouse 13 #1 - $3.99

I have yet to read this comic, but I like the I gave it a shot.

Doctor Who: Annual 2011 - $7.99

I have yet to read this comic, but I like the I gave it a shot. Plus, the cover art looks cool!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 - $3.99

The turtles are back! In their first issue readers get to see a partial origin story and some lively combat between street thugs and the turtles. The issue jumps around a bit by going back several months to explain the team's reconstructed origin (this ain't your youth's TMNT origin) which has April O'Neil still wearing yellow, but with a very different job. The series, or at least the first arc, seems geared to continue with the looking-back storytelling since the book must explain how the fighting four was reduced to the fighting three. That's right, the team is one turtle down! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 is a nice starting point which includes lively art that is fine for an IDW book. The quality of art can be seen during non flashy panels involving a couple of people talking. There isn't great detail, but it'll do in terms of telling the story. I recommend checking out the book if you were ever a turtle fan. And let's face it...who wasn't? Rating: 3.5/5

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