Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moon Knight: Read This Comic Book

Moon Knight #4 - 365 Days of Comics
How does Moon Knight keep that cape so white?
If you are more of a real world comic book reader who doesn't usually care for tales of men in tights or super-powered beings, I recommend a book about a superhero titled, Moon Knight. Moon Knight follows Marc Spector, a superhero who has moved out to LA to produce a TV show loosely based on his adventures as Moon Knight. After some time in LA Spector gets mixed-up in a mystery involving the LA crime scene and an Ultron head (Ultron is an evil AI robot who constantly tries to destroy humans...for you non-superhero readers).

So why am I suggesting this title to the non-cape-reading community? The book is grounded. I'm not talking no flying characters grounded...I'm talking about a story which could actually take place. Marc Spector (Moon Knight) comes off as if he isn't so much a superhero, but rather, Spector is written with more of a PI tone. Plus, he has multiple personality disorder which takes him out of that cookie-cutter superhero mold.

Click on to read my full gush fest over Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Moon Knight.

Comics You Should Be Reading: Moon Knight

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Anonymous said...

Currently my most looked forward to title! (Although Moon Knight is portrayed more schizophrenic than dissociative identity disorder. His multiple personalities were never written accurately in the past so it's fine by me) Long live Bendis and Maleev!