Friday, August 12, 2011

Growing Up: Comic Book Posters

When I was younger my bedroom's walls were lined with comic book posters. Now that I am older the bedroom and living room walls of my apartment are not aloud to be covered in comic characters due to being an adult and occasionally wanting girls who are not as into comics as I am to come over. (Note that I said "wanting" and not "having"...things are gonna pick-up!) Now I fake being an adult by placing my comic characters in picture frames and spreading them out in the proper frame hanging distance.

"Ah, there's a matting. Now it's legit."

So my walls are more adult, but I am still a bit of a child at heart because I still have all of my comic book related posters from when I was a kid. (By "kid" I mean I bought posters from a young age up through my early 20's...I'm 28 now. I wear dress shoes at fancy restaurants and everything. I'm an adult now.) The reason I don't buy posters anymore (or often) isn't because I'm a big boy, rather it's because I'm cheap.

It's hard to bring myself to buy a poster these days unless it's a crazy special addition one. Case and in ever that phrase goes...I did shell out $35 each on the Marko Djurdjevic 9ft. long Spider-Man and Avengers posters from a year ago. Those were giant posters that I knew would not fit in my house. I instead brought them to work! Yet, regardless of where I brought them, the point is that they were the only 2 posters I've bought in the past 6 years.

Marko Djurdjevic's Avengers poster - 365 Days of Comics
Marko Djurdjevic's Avengers poster under the boss-man's window.
Posters are not very expensive, but I feel awkward paying for them. One of the main reasons is that they won't be hung-up at home, but another almost equally as important reason is because you can get posters for free. Many comic book conventions have publisher booths that give away free posters for promotional purposes. Plus, since I'm a Marvel fan, I luck out that Marvel happens to constantly provide comic book retailers with free mini poster handouts. The mini posters are perfect for putting up around my desk at work, and since they're free, when a new one is passed-out I can simply take down the old one, toss it, and put up the new poster.

I have always been a fan of comic book posters, but as I grow the space in which they can occupy has shrunk. Besides some space at work...the space for my comic book posters: old and new, big and small, expensive and free, has become the bottom of my closet or sadly...the bottom of a garbage can.

(Note: Who actually uses garbage "cans" any more? Waste baskets, garbage bins, and other containers are more accurate...sorry for the confusion.)


Budd said...

we just moved into a new build out with all new office equipment and each cubicle came with a garbage can. The label says they are fire proof. That is great, wouldn't want my trash to burn if there was a fire.

Dom said...

Also, what if times are tough and you need a trash can fire to keep warm. A can can (can can) be a great fireproof option.

Total Comic Mayhem said...

Oh, no, did you use the word "adult?" Tee hee! I hear ya man, as a kid I had my room lined with comic posters and thought nothing of it. However, what I notice now is that having the ONE comic book poster in your room always ends up the topic of discussion when "the ladies" come over.

Believe it or not, but there's a lot more chicks now who are into comics. When I was a kid, a gal liking superheroes or even comics...unheard of!

Nowadays, there are tons...thank god for Cosplay! Great post and blog!

Oh, and by the way, DON'T get rid of that Amazing Spider-Man #6, dude! Hold onto it!

Dom said...

I do keep a framed spider-man print up in my room, but some of the women I go for aren't always that into comics...and that's cool with me.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Dom's entire apartment is lined with comic book art. Nothing else.

I hear the ladies love it.