Monday, August 8, 2011

Dom's 8/10/2011 Comic Book Pull List

Last week wasn't too bad, but there appears to be a lot of comic books on my list this week. Oh my poor wallet...

The Amazing Spider-Man #667 - 365 Days of Comics
Spider powers come w/ a free Spider-Man shirt!
Amazing Spider-Man #667 - $3.99

The "Spider-Island" event officially starts with this week's issue. The story has had quite a bit of hype (advertised in almost every Marvel comic book), so I am curious to see if the hype is justified. But honestly, I just buy Amazing Spider-Man out of habit...regardless of the quality.

Detective Comics #881 - $3.99

This is it! The last Detective Comics issue before the DC reboot, and the last Detective Comics issue in Scott Snyder and Jock's wonderful run. This book will be great. Guaranteed. I am actually looking forward to when Jock and Snyder's TEC run gets collected into a hardcover so that I can get it for my bookshelf, and gift it for my friends.

Fear Itself #5 - $3.99

This issue is sure to be intense. When last we left Fear Itself, Thor was just about to do battle (hammer style) with the Thing and the Green Hulk. Some reviewers haven't been kind to the Fear Itself story telling, but I have enjoyed the title to this point. I recommend getting this issue just to witness the Stuart Immonen Thor, Hulk and the Thing layouts. You'll thank me later.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #2 - $2.99

Honestly, I can't remember what is happening in this miniseries. All I know is that I like the current X-Force team. Nuff' said.

Hellboy: The Fury #3 - 365 Days of Comics
Hell powers do not include a free shirt.
Hellboy: The Fury #3 - $2.99

Word on the street is that big red kicks the bucket in this issue. Though popular characters can't stay dead in comics, I still feel like the issue will have some significance. Plus, Mike Mignola will be at my local comic shop, the Comic Bug, to sign copies of The Fury #3. Last time I saw him I won a $100 gift certificate from his daughter, so I owe it to him to make an appearance and buy his book.

New Avengers #15 - $3.99

I just enjoy Bendis books. Plus, this team has characters I really enjoy: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cage, Spider-Woman, etc.

The Red Wing #2 - $3.50

It's Hickman. I'm getting this comic book miniseries purely based on my Hickman Secret Warriors (which has ended) and FF love.

Reed Gunther #3 - $2.99

This is the best all ages book in stores. I actually already own this book in a black and white printing, but I started getting it for a co-worker's child. It really is a great gateway comic book. In another year or so I think their kid may be ready for Punisher MAX.

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