Monday, August 15, 2011

Dominic and The Red Wing

The Red Wing #2 - 365 Days of Comics
Dom and The Red Wing
Some people don't care for their names. Those who self-hate either have ridiculous names like Pompillio (my father tried naming me that but my mother nixed that old-country name), or they have short boring names like Peter. I feel for those people because I was labeled with a truly wonderful first name: Dominic.

(Funny Side Note: There is no better way of dehumanizing myself than by referring to my naming process as "labeled.")

Dominic is a glorious name. It takes time to say, and lasts in the ears like one of those Star Trek 2: The Wraith of Khan mind controlling bugs. The only time it leaves your thoughts, and then ears, is when the name dies. Dominic is a flexible name. If you don't have the time to bask in it's greatness you can say "Dom." I always wanted to get the domain name just because of the way it rhymes and flows.

Dom and Dominic may be the same name, but when I introduce myself to people they have very different uses and implications. When I introduce myself to women I like to introduce myself as Dominic. The longer semi-unique name stays with them longer and it reminds women of a romantic Italian name. Their mind's short sexy-time stories almost always include the name Dominic. Also, they loved that little boy with a ferret from Kindergarten Cop...also named Dominic.

Dom, on the other hand, is a quick lively name. It implies fun and unpredictability. When a guy meets another guy named Dom, he feels like he can fit in with "the guys." I named my twitter handle @365Dom after this site and the short side of my name so that people would initially think I was fun, and thus, a person they would want to follow. Also, Vin Diesel is named Dom in the Fast and Furious movies. Say what you will about the man as an actor...he always plays a bad-ass. Remember Iron Giant? Diesel voices the Robot. Bad-ass.

(Another Side Note: I am not a bad-ass. How many bad-asses use a hyphen when typing the word "bad-ass?")

You can see I love having my name, but as you may have noticed, I also enjoy when my name is used in movies, television and literature. It's not a common name like Mike or Bob which is used in ever other story. Dominic is used sparingly. It's the name you don't want to overuse or burnout. It's the injured prized athlete of names which you want to take his/her time getting back to playing condition so that he/she doesn't have any setbacks. That's Dominic.

(Last Side Note: I used "her" and "she" as an example of a prized athlete. There are no prized women athletes. Sorry for that moment of equality)

The newest home to the majestic name Dominic, is the Jonathan Hickman 4 issue mini series, The Red Wing. The Red Wing is a time traveling, war, adventure story which is 2 issues complete. One of the main characters followed in the comic book is a legacy time-fighter-ship pilot named (drums please)...Dominic! His father (thus him being a legacy pilot) was a famous pilot who gets lost in time when his ship wrecks through and across time. By the end of the second issue we learn something crazy about Dominic and about how he changes as a person over time.

Story aside, I can't help but be compelled by my name. I really do wonder (because I'm conceded and an idiot) if my friends read The Red Wing and think of me every time they read my name. Again, it's not some common name. It's Dom! I know when I read about Spider in Warren Ellis' Transmetropolitan I think of my good pal Spider from Pleasanton, California. Coincidentally enough, my bud Spider was almost named Pompillio, too.

So what the heck was the point of this post mostly about how I love my name, and very briefly about The Red Wing? This post was written in hopes that boring named people would think a bit before they name their children. Oh, and don't go watering the Dominic name down by naming your next born Dominic, as well. Only about 1 in 250 of you can do that. Talk amongst yourself or conduct a raffle to determine whose son will be awesome, and whose son will be just another Dick. Excuse me...I mean Richard.


Budd said...

officially, I am a William, but I have always been Budd to non telemarketers.

Anonymous said...

First of all... Dominic is a name for fatties. Second of all, I know some women who can kick your ass fatboy.

Dom said...

Hahaha. You're always my favorite, Anonymous. (The one name to that may rival Dominic)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dominic, meaning "belonging to God" in Latin is the greatest of all male names. Think of the dom suffix...DOMINION, DOMINANT, DOMINATE, basically means "move out of the way, I'm here now".

Parents name their son Dominic because "God" isn't a name. Women love the is both masculine & feminine. It commands respect. It has 3 syllables. My surname has 2 syllables...3 syllables followed by 2 is phonetically the most impressive sounding apparently. It rolls off the tongue & introduces an awesome presence.

The name Dominic intrigues, it's uncommon, exotic, classy. It is a name that inspires confidence & trust, yet is playful & sweet.

Ernest Bornine in "Airwolf" was called Dominic. Go to Ireland or Italy & people will treat you as their own if you tell them your name is Dominic...the IRA & the Mafia have your back.

I can't speak for all Dominics, but if you are anything like me you are handsome, sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent & so loved by women that they have ceased to matter to you, so embarrassingly obvious is their awe of you.

Yes, you are truly blessed if you know a Dominic.