Friday, August 26, 2011

Coastal Comic Book Reading

New Mutants #98 - 365 Days of Comics
Deadpool's 1st appearance: New Mutants #98
When I read comic books on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio with Bone Thugs N' Harmony I didn't have this problem. When I read comic books in the east bay near Oakland, California with M.C. Hammer I didn't have this problem. When I read comic books in Long Beach, California with Snoop Dogg I didn't have a problem. But now, here in El Segundo, CA (near Manhattan Beach), with no hip hop legend, I have a problem.

When I  bring a comic book to my place, which is about a mile from the ocean, the comic book pages begin to warp and become wavy due to the moisture in the air. This happens without failure to everyone of my comic books. Some of my trades with thicker pages seem to hold-up better to the aerial assault, but even Richard Starkings' Elephantmen trades feel the warped ways of the Pacific ocean.

If I keep my books sealed in bags and boards they remain well kept. This is great for some older issues I have that may be worth a good amount of money if kept in a 9.8 to 9.6 grade. These issues consist of the first appearance of Deadpool, Cable, Venom and Carnage. These books are not worth a ton, but they do retain some value when left very crisp. The problem I have is that I would still like to be able to occasionally read these issues at my leisure. It seems ridiculous to take these books several miles inland just to open them up and read them.

My dilemma seems to be quite simple. Do I move a couple of miles inland so that I no longer have to worry about wavy books? Or, do I never open up my older books again, and live by the M.C. Hammer code: "Can't Touch This"?

Comic lovers, what should I do?


Anonymous said...

head east to Inglewood and peruse those books with Cali Swag District/hit your dougie

Dan said...

don't leave "the Second" just get more plastic containers. You bag and tape all of your comics anyway. As soon as you cross Sepulveda some one will just steal your comics anyway, but not that sweet sweet truck.