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Top 5 Saddest Animated Deaths

Death can be a hard thing to deal with for a child. The loss of a connection at young ages can be quite traumatic. So when you combine animation, something children love, with death, something children struggle can make for a highly emotional situation. The following list consists of the top 5 saddest animated deaths. These are the moments that messed kids, and admittedly adults as well, up, in my lifetime.

5. The Death of Optimus Prime - Tansformers: The Movie (1986)

The fearless leader of the Autobots falls in battle to his arch nemesis, Megatron, when the hot-shot Hot-Rod tries to help Optimus out. The big O had won and saved the day, but the young rook had to screw it up...for all of us.

4. The Death of Morph - X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

In a shocking turn of events, one of the X-Men heroes, Morph, bites the laser in the second episode of the popular animated series. Though his powers were lame compared to everyone elses (besides possibly Jubilee's) the death of Morph became so sad because he meant so much to the team, especially Wolverine who had to be knocked-out by Rogue so that the team could retreat to safety. Oddly enough, the team later storms the Sentinel base and takes out more bad guys than they faced when they retreated. Oh, and of course, like any comic book story...Morph didn't stay dead for long.

3. The Death of Ellie - Up (2009)

Carl and Ellie - Pixar's Up
Carl and Ellie - Pixar's Up

Watch the Ellie and Carl Relationship through time scene which leads to Ellie's death.

In the saddest montage of all time, Pixar's Up tells the story of Ellie and Carl, a couple in love their whole life. Short bits of their relationship tied together by beautiful music driven by a lovely piano line make this film introduction one of the most sleeve wetting segments in the history of cinema, which ends with the death of Ellie, Carl's love.

2. The Death of Mufasa - The Lion King (1994)

The wise and great King Mufasa is undone by his brother's (Scar) treachery and his love for his son, Simba. If it wasn't for Mufasa's great voice (thanks to James Earl Jones) and his constant haunting of Simba, this may not be as high on the list as it is, yet the memories of this amazing father live on throughout the movie and in every person who have seen The Lion King. Even now, I feel like I should call my father and tell him I love him.

1. The Death of Littlefoot's Mother - The Land Before Time (1988)

Watch the last time Littlefoot and his mother speak, just before Littlefoot's mother's death.

This is the undisputed saddest animated death. The Land Before Time displayed the intense love of a mother for her child when Littlefoot's mother fights off a Tyrannosaurs Rex to defend her child. After Littlefoot's mother falls she still holds on to tell her son she will always be with him. The love Littlefoot carries on is symbolized through his holding onto a tree-star his mother gave him, as well. Seeing the leaf is like seeing his mother on the ground, in the rain, as she passes away. The film's animation is a great example of what old school 80's movie animation had to offer: wonderful detail and character design. Oh, and the music...well take a listen to the song below and try not to get sucked back to your sofa where you cried and hugged your mother.

That's it! It was a tough list to create, and I unfortunately had to leave some classics off of the list such as Bambi's mother being shot. Arguably that could be in the top 2, but for this list I wanted to go with some slightly more modern movies. Regardless, in honor of Bambi's mother, I have posted her clip below. Enjoy watching Bambi figuring out his mother was murdered!

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