Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Real Geek-Girls Strike Back!

Part 2 of my "The Real Geek-Girls" post is up on my work's website. So far, the women in the posts have been very cool towards me. Thanking me for saying nice things and placing them in a list with other great women is not something they need to do at all, yet very much appreciated. It's always nice to have positive feed back from people you look up to and respect.

Anywhoot! Check out The Real Geek-Girls (Part 2).


Budd said...

dude, you gotta marry that chick. one in a million and she is good looking too.

Dom said...

Haha, which one Budd?

Budd said...

your awesome friend

Dom said...

Ahhh...she is definitely cool, but since I know she doesn't read my blog's comments I will admit that she isn't the type of women I'm attracted to. Some great qualities, but not my cup. I've tasted some sweet tea and I would be more inclined to get that same taste once again.

Cryptic, huh?