Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iPad 2 Apps to Hold Me Over

Today I head out to San Diego, from Los Angeles, to attend my first ever Comic-Con! As you can tell from the exclamation mark...I'm pretty excited. I hop on board my Amtrak train for a 2 hour 40 minute trip later today, so for now I load my iPad 2 (tech name dropping) with thinks to keep me busy while I sit and wait for my 4 day adventure.

These are the iPad Apps I have downloaded:
  • Falling Stars - This cool new app gives users the ability to create sweet sweet music by way of star tear-drops and floating plant-vines in the sky. Sounds weird, but it's amazing...and free.
  • Marvel Kapow! HD - This Marvel game (free version) pits Marvel's heroes and their weapons against the villains of the Marvel universe. It's kind of like Pong meets Space Invaders.
  • Geometry Wars - I love this game. You are basically a ship that flies around shooting a bunch of weird shapes (thus Geometry). It is the suped-up version of Astroid for the 21st century. The handling is a bit difficult because it is like controlling a PlayStation controller on a touch-screen, but once you get the motions's both amazing and addicting. Cost: $.99.

Besides the apps I have also placed the movie Crazy Heart and Source Code on my iPad 2. HD movies look amazing on the screen and I am looking forward to getting to use my iPad 2 and utilizing it's creativity and battery life.

Check out the clip of Geometry Wars below.

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