Friday, July 29, 2011

FF #7 - No FF Members...No Problem

FF #7 - 365 Days of Comics
The white directional lines mean intensity.
I'll keep it short here, so that you can click through below to my full review of FF #7.

Quick Breakdown
  • This is the 2nd straight issue without evil Reeds or any FF members.
  • The art by Greg Tocchini and Paul Mounts makes me smile.
  • This isn't one of those lame issues where Black Bolt doesn't say one word...he speaks!
  • If you enjoy tentacle porn, you'll like the beginning of FF #7...sort of.
Read my Room With a Review: FF #7 to get my full thoughts on the issue.


Budd said...

lot of blogging elsewhere these days.

Dom said...

Yeah, I'm being pulled in different directions lately. I need to get back to my own stuff. I'll write a Drunken Comics post this weekend. I swear.

Jeff said...

I love the Tocchini art, the fact that there are no FF characters here, and the fact that Black Bolt speaks... Very good story, Hickman!