Sunday, July 31, 2011

Detective Comics #880

Detective Comics #880 - 365 Days of Comics
Which stings more: slit mouth or bat contacts?
The second to last issue in Scott Snyder and Jock's Detective Comics run thrills readers by giving every Batman fan what he/she really wants: the Joker.

Jock illustrates a creepy looking Joker which looks like a mix between Heath Ledger's sliced mouth corners Joker, and a super-skinny crack addict. Why is Jock drawing the Joker? Well... The Joker has recently escaped from prison and Batman (Dick Grayson) is tracking him down. Meanwhile, Commissioner Jim Gordon is tracking down his ex-wife Barbara because he fears the Joker will attack his family, as he always does. After Jim get's to his ex-wife too late to protect her from the Joker's laughing/smiling toxin, Jim and Batman learn that the man he thought responsible for Barbara's attack may not have been the clown prince after all...and that man may not have reached his Barbara attack quota for the night.

Detective Comics #880 has a few standout moments:
  • The final panel of the book has a very lasting quality to it. It reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Nedry (Newman!) is trapped in a car with a dinosaur. The Detective Comics #880 panel would cover the moment just as the camera looks away and we hear the attack. Attacks can be that much scarier when they are only partially witnessed.
  • Just because you're paralyzed doesn't mean you have to do everything the hard way. Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter/Oracle, is shown next to her computers in Watchtower during one panel with something very important missing: a mouse. Don't tell me she uses the touch pad. Even the best touch-padder in the world can't...touch...the skills of a person using a mouse. Unless Oracle has some sort of Minority Report thing going on, I think Jock forgot to draw her a mouse.
  • When Jim Gordon's ex-wife is found in the bathtub (all Joker-gassed out), did anyone else think, "Damn, she's kind of buff."? Her lat and arm look like she's been holding herself in the fetal position for a long time. If she recovers, look out bad guys. The ex has some guns she might put to use.
So this is it for the wonderful Jock and Scott Snyder more issue. I'm sure the DC executives would have guessed that the long running title would one day end on the numerically significant...#881? Hmmm, well 881 was the title of a Singaporean movie in 2007; and in Mandarin, 881 sounds like the word it's got that going for it.

Anyway, great issue. I look forward to papaya!

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Budd said...

nice looking cover. Story sounds pretty significant going into a total line reboot.