Sunday, July 31, 2011

Detective Comics #880

Detective Comics #880 - 365 Days of Comics
Which stings more: slit mouth or bat contacts?
The second to last issue in Scott Snyder and Jock's Detective Comics run thrills readers by giving every Batman fan what he/she really wants: the Joker.

Jock illustrates a creepy looking Joker which looks like a mix between Heath Ledger's sliced mouth corners Joker, and a super-skinny crack addict. Why is Jock drawing the Joker? Well... The Joker has recently escaped from prison and Batman (Dick Grayson) is tracking him down. Meanwhile, Commissioner Jim Gordon is tracking down his ex-wife Barbara because he fears the Joker will attack his family, as he always does. After Jim get's to his ex-wife too late to protect her from the Joker's laughing/smiling toxin, Jim and Batman learn that the man he thought responsible for Barbara's attack may not have been the clown prince after all...and that man may not have reached his Barbara attack quota for the night.

Detective Comics #880 has a few standout moments:
  • The final panel of the book has a very lasting quality to it. It reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Nedry (Newman!) is trapped in a car with a dinosaur. The Detective Comics #880 panel would cover the moment just as the camera looks away and we hear the attack. Attacks can be that much scarier when they are only partially witnessed.
  • Just because you're paralyzed doesn't mean you have to do everything the hard way. Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter/Oracle, is shown next to her computers in Watchtower during one panel with something very important missing: a mouse. Don't tell me she uses the touch pad. Even the best touch-padder in the world can't...touch...the skills of a person using a mouse. Unless Oracle has some sort of Minority Report thing going on, I think Jock forgot to draw her a mouse.
  • When Jim Gordon's ex-wife is found in the bathtub (all Joker-gassed out), did anyone else think, "Damn, she's kind of buff."? Her lat and arm look like she's been holding herself in the fetal position for a long time. If she recovers, look out bad guys. The ex has some guns she might put to use.
So this is it for the wonderful Jock and Scott Snyder more issue. I'm sure the DC executives would have guessed that the long running title would one day end on the numerically significant...#881? Hmmm, well 881 was the title of a Singaporean movie in 2007; and in Mandarin, 881 sounds like the word it's got that going for it.

Anyway, great issue. I look forward to papaya!

Friday, July 29, 2011

FF #7 - No FF Members...No Problem

FF #7 - 365 Days of Comics
The white directional lines mean intensity.
I'll keep it short here, so that you can click through below to my full review of FF #7.

Quick Breakdown
  • This is the 2nd straight issue without evil Reeds or any FF members.
  • The art by Greg Tocchini and Paul Mounts makes me smile.
  • This isn't one of those lame issues where Black Bolt doesn't say one word...he speaks!
  • If you enjoy tentacle porn, you'll like the beginning of FF #7...sort of.
Read my Room With a Review: FF #7 to get my full thoughts on the issue.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marvel's Digital Push

The Marvel Digital App - 365 Days of Comics
Marvel's Digital App
After sitting through many panels, at the San Diego Comic Con, that dealt with digital comics (even the podcasting panel that got hijacked by the digital topic) I started to formulate a pocket of confusion in my head.

Why can't I get every book on my iPad when I want it?

Marvel in particular seems to be dragging their feet on the issue. Their slow-rolling of their day and date comics is not helping me as much as DC's extreme push of releasing every comic book day and date starting in September. DC targeted readers like me, and Marvel...well, they are targeting another type of reader.

Check-out my full thoughts on Marvel's Digital Day and Date Dilemma at

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iPad 2 Apps to Hold Me Over

Today I head out to San Diego, from Los Angeles, to attend my first ever Comic-Con! As you can tell from the exclamation mark...I'm pretty excited. I hop on board my Amtrak train for a 2 hour 40 minute trip later today, so for now I load my iPad 2 (tech name dropping) with thinks to keep me busy while I sit and wait for my 4 day adventure.

These are the iPad Apps I have downloaded:
  • Falling Stars - This cool new app gives users the ability to create sweet sweet music by way of star tear-drops and floating plant-vines in the sky. Sounds weird, but it's amazing...and free.
  • Marvel Kapow! HD - This Marvel game (free version) pits Marvel's heroes and their weapons against the villains of the Marvel universe. It's kind of like Pong meets Space Invaders.
  • Geometry Wars - I love this game. You are basically a ship that flies around shooting a bunch of weird shapes (thus Geometry). It is the suped-up version of Astroid for the 21st century. The handling is a bit difficult because it is like controlling a PlayStation controller on a touch-screen, but once you get the motions's both amazing and addicting. Cost: $.99.

Besides the apps I have also placed the movie Crazy Heart and Source Code on my iPad 2. HD movies look amazing on the screen and I am looking forward to getting to use my iPad 2 and utilizing it's creativity and battery life.

Check out the clip of Geometry Wars below.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dom's Pull List: 7/13

Wolverine #1 - 365 Days of Comics
Jae Lee makes Wolvie do the snake dance.
The Red Wing #1 (of 4) - $3.50

That's a weird price, right? Regardless, the comic book is a Jonathan Hickman story who has been killing it with his Marvel work as of late: FF, Secret Warriors and S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm always willing to give a Hickman book a try.

X-Men: Schism #1 (of 5) - $4.99

My many days of listening to Ron Richards on podcasts has finally worn me down. I pick-up this X-Men event book due to his influence over my brain and his love of anything X-Men. He's like those alien things on Falling Skies that control you...but nicer...and not on my back.

Wolverine #12 - $3.99

Jason Aaron does Wolverine like no other writer. I have been picking up this book from about issue 5 and have enjoyed it quite a bit. The current story may not be as good as the last, but it still beats most non-team superhero books. Oh, and every cover is by Jae Lee...who is a cover God.

The Amazing Spider-Man #665 - $3.99

I just love Spidey. I will always pick-up ASM. Nuff said.

FF #6 - $2.99

As I mentioned before, Hickman has been doing a great job with FF. Currently Black Bolt has been introduced after a couple of years out of comics, and the multiple Reeds storyline is picking-up quite nicely. Besides the event books Flashpoint and Fear Itself, this is the issue I most look forward to reading each month.

Captain America #1 - 365 Days of Comics
The return of Steve...McNiven!
Captain America #1 - $3.99

Steve is back! No, not Steve Rogers...Steve McNiven! McNiven is an amazing penciler, which goes without saying, but more importantly to this title, McNiven draws the Cap outfit better than 99% of all other artists. I left that 1% open on the slight chance that some monk in Tibet may be the worlds greatest artist and I simply just never knew.

Detective Comics #879 - $2.99

If it wasn't for Scott Snyder's writing I would most likely not be getting a DC book this week. His work on Detective has become a run worth noting and certainly collecting in trade or hard cover format (once it becomes available). Snyder's work has been consistently good, which makes buying his comics an easy choice. You know they're going to be good.

The New Avengers #14 - $3.99

I can't pass-up a flagship title for Marvel. Bendis is looking to bounce back after his last story-arc on New Avengers didn't fair well with readers...including me. I have enjoyed the Fear Itself tie-ins which are in ongoing titles like Thunderbolts, Avengers and Invincible Iron Man, so I look forward to seeing if Marvel and Bendis can keep it up with this New Avengers tie-in.

Well, that's it for this week in pulls. Did I miss pickingup anything important? Keep in mind...I'm a Marvel Zombie.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Real Geek-Girls Strike Back!

Part 2 of my "The Real Geek-Girls" post is up on my work's website. So far, the women in the posts have been very cool towards me. Thanking me for saying nice things and placing them in a list with other great women is not something they need to do at all, yet very much appreciated. It's always nice to have positive feed back from people you look up to and respect.

Anywhoot! Check out The Real Geek-Girls (Part 2).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Who Are Real Geek-Girls?

In an attempt to right the wrongs slighted upon Geek women, I have written a post on my work's website blog...correcting a piece one of our non-geek woman workers wrote. Say that 10 times fast! I hope you will read on and enjoy my post titled: The Real Geek-Girls (part 1).

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week'n Read'n - Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin

Week'n Read'n - Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin
Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #1 cover
Besides a handful of personal writing projects such as a "Room With a Review" post for Fear Itself #4, for, a follow-up blog on geek-girls for my work's blog (, and some fleshing-out of some plot points on stories I'm working on, I will finally read the rest of artist Eric Canete, colorist Dave Stewart and writer Joe Casey's Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin. I got the mini series for half the price in a bargain bin, and after one issue I am already counting my stars (because all stars are lucky...just ask Mario.)

The selling point for me on this issue is Eric Canete's art ( I linked his art page to his name twice to make sure you click on it. ). It has so much life and jumps from the page with a playful attitude. I just want to do double dutch jump rope with it!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy for Moon Knight #3

Moon Knight #3 - 365 Days of Comics
Moon Knight #3 delivers a bullseye.
Moon Knight has been a series which has gotten better and better with each issue. In Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's most current installment, Moon Knight #3, they get slightly out done by their colorist Matthew Wilson who puts together a very subtle, yet beautiful performance.

Check out my further ramblings about Wilson, Maleev and Bendis by going to a Room With a Review: Moon Knight #3 over at

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top 5 Saddest Animated Deaths

Death can be a hard thing to deal with for a child. The loss of a connection at young ages can be quite traumatic. So when you combine animation, something children love, with death, something children struggle can make for a highly emotional situation. The following list consists of the top 5 saddest animated deaths. These are the moments that messed kids, and admittedly adults as well, up, in my lifetime.

5. The Death of Optimus Prime - Tansformers: The Movie (1986)

The fearless leader of the Autobots falls in battle to his arch nemesis, Megatron, when the hot-shot Hot-Rod tries to help Optimus out. The big O had won and saved the day, but the young rook had to screw it up...for all of us.

4. The Death of Morph - X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

In a shocking turn of events, one of the X-Men heroes, Morph, bites the laser in the second episode of the popular animated series. Though his powers were lame compared to everyone elses (besides possibly Jubilee's) the death of Morph became so sad because he meant so much to the team, especially Wolverine who had to be knocked-out by Rogue so that the team could retreat to safety. Oddly enough, the team later storms the Sentinel base and takes out more bad guys than they faced when they retreated. Oh, and of course, like any comic book story...Morph didn't stay dead for long.

3. The Death of Ellie - Up (2009)

Carl and Ellie - Pixar's Up
Carl and Ellie - Pixar's Up

Watch the Ellie and Carl Relationship through time scene which leads to Ellie's death.

In the saddest montage of all time, Pixar's Up tells the story of Ellie and Carl, a couple in love their whole life. Short bits of their relationship tied together by beautiful music driven by a lovely piano line make this film introduction one of the most sleeve wetting segments in the history of cinema, which ends with the death of Ellie, Carl's love.

2. The Death of Mufasa - The Lion King (1994)

The wise and great King Mufasa is undone by his brother's (Scar) treachery and his love for his son, Simba. If it wasn't for Mufasa's great voice (thanks to James Earl Jones) and his constant haunting of Simba, this may not be as high on the list as it is, yet the memories of this amazing father live on throughout the movie and in every person who have seen The Lion King. Even now, I feel like I should call my father and tell him I love him.

1. The Death of Littlefoot's Mother - The Land Before Time (1988)

Watch the last time Littlefoot and his mother speak, just before Littlefoot's mother's death.

This is the undisputed saddest animated death. The Land Before Time displayed the intense love of a mother for her child when Littlefoot's mother fights off a Tyrannosaurs Rex to defend her child. After Littlefoot's mother falls she still holds on to tell her son she will always be with him. The love Littlefoot carries on is symbolized through his holding onto a tree-star his mother gave him, as well. Seeing the leaf is like seeing his mother on the ground, in the rain, as she passes away. The film's animation is a great example of what old school 80's movie animation had to offer: wonderful detail and character design. Oh, and the music...well take a listen to the song below and try not to get sucked back to your sofa where you cried and hugged your mother.

That's it! It was a tough list to create, and I unfortunately had to leave some classics off of the list such as Bambi's mother being shot. Arguably that could be in the top 2, but for this list I wanted to go with some slightly more modern movies. Regardless, in honor of Bambi's mother, I have posted her clip below. Enjoy watching Bambi figuring out his mother was murdered!