Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spare Time With Dom: Reed Gunther's Creative Team

Shane and Chris Houghton, plus Dom Gazzuolo - 365 Days of Comics
Shane and Chris Houghton, with Dom...drinking a beer.
I recently spent a night bowling with the creative team behind Reed Gunther, Shane and Chris Houghton. I learned a bit about the books origins and a lot about the bowling styling of each brother. I felt bad for Chris's wife because she had to see his destruction. Shane's girlfriend didn't have it so bad, but I'm sure she felt like she was with the wrong man once Shane came-up one pin short against the BK (Bowling King), Dom (me!). My girlfriend, on the other hand, carried me off into the night on her shoulders shouting, "Dom is number one! Dom is number one!" Yeah, she's buff.

Get the whole scoop in the first post ever for "Spare Time With Dom."

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