Monday, May 23, 2011

Invincible Iron Man #504

Invincible Iron Man #504 - 365 Days of Comics
The French mimes got really good.
On Sunday, I got to the last of my comic books (from last week) and ended-up enjoying my choice to conclude the week: Invincible Iron Man #504.

The reason for it being my last issue was that it is a tie-in comic book to Marvel's "Fear Itself" event. Often times, tie-in issues are not that great because they do not add anything to the overall event arc and there tends to be a lack of action; however, Invincible Iron Man #504 seems to get further into the "Fear Itself" story than the actual mini-series itself...fear!

After Tony and Pepper do their relationship dance, Tony goes to Paris to explore one of the many falling objects from space (we know to be hammers from Fear Itself). He gets to Paris and discovers that everything has been turned to stone...including people, who now appear as statues. As Tony starts to realize that something is very wrong he is attacked by a super-powered Grey Gargoyle who has discovered the hammer which fell to earth in Paris. The Hammer has boosted his powers to the extreme causing him to turn everything he sees into stone. For some reason Tony's armor is keeping him from transforming into a statue, and fortunately, it is also keeping him alive as he is thoroughly smashed on by the possessed Grey Gargoyle and his newly obtained hammer.

The battle is of course intense because it involves a huge beast of a stone-like character swinging a massive hammer at a man in a metal suite, but the battle also takes on a bit of tension as readers are highly aware that every time Iron Man gets knocked through a group of human statues, he is actually shattering any chance of saving the humans which are the statues. At the end of the battle Iron Man is nailed with a face-shot via a huge hammer, and when Tony wakes from his knock-out slumber he finds himself on a pile of crushed statues. The pile is several stories tall and goes on far off in the distance. Was the whole of Paris population killed? I can't wait to find out in Invincible Iron Man #505.

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