Sunday, May 8, 2011

Free Comic Book Day at The Comic Bug

Yesterday was a huge day for entertainment. There were large sporting events such as the Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley boxing match (Manny won), a no-hitter was thrown by Justin Verlander (that's baseball for you nerds) and playoff basketball continued, as well; but, yesterday was not to be taken completely by sports. May 7th was also Free Comic Book Day.

I celebrated the day with my buddy Ryan on a trip to our local comic shop in Manhattan Beach, CA: the Comic Bug. The Bug is one of my favorite places to spend money (on non free days) because it is run by the nicest staff of any shop I've been to. I mean...once I went to a PF Changs and got free Banana Rolls, but even then I was like, "nice try, but you're no Comic Bug!" I threw the dessert in the server's face and stormed out to the music of Anamanaguchi.

Back to the Bug...

The last few years have been crazy at the Comic Bug, on Free Comic Day. With creators like Mike Mignola (HellBoy), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen), Chris Yost (TV's The Mighty Avengers and Wolverine and the X-Men...not the Spectacular Spider-Man like I foolishly asked...thankfully he was cool) and Phil Ortiz (The Simpsons comics) there was a line out the door for practically 5 hours. Inside, everything except new issues was 25% off (and some things 50% off) and there was a huge table of free comic books which kids and adults could load up on. I stuck with some free stuff, but Ryan picked up a couple of trades with a nice discount.

The Bug was also able to draw out some people who dress-up in comic-esk gear for all kinds of occasions. The cosplay I saw included: Wonder Woman, the Flash, Storm Troopers and Wonder Boy...who you will meet in one of the videos below.

Finally, just before I left the shop after being there for about 3 hours talking with friends and a few creators, Mike Wellman announced 2 raffle prizes for $100 gift certificates to the shop. Though I won last year, and at the last event (I've been lucky), I did not win this year; however, some of my pals did. I guess that's nice. F em'. Either way, I had a great time on Free Comic Book Day thanks to...The Comic Bug!

Continue to scroll to view some pics from the shop! I'm in blue...for people who haven't met me before.

Looking awesome at The Comic Bug

The Three Superhero protectors of The Comic Bug

With all of that running, of course the Flash has a tight ass - The Comic Bug

You are not a deeper thinker than me...uh huh, R 2! - The Comic Bug

Can I get 4 quarters? - The Comic Bug

The type of guys found at the Comic Bug


not fish said...

the guy in the blue shirt is a doucher!

Budd said...

I stopped by Newbury Comics and was very disappointed. They are more of a novelty store, but started off as a comic store, before changing to a record store and then finding themselves in their current state.

I then went to Bedrock Comics in Framingham, MA. While they didn't have a carnival atmosphere, they had lots of freebies and I was happy to browse and buy a few issues as well.