Thursday, April 21, 2011

365 Days of Comics Gives in to Reality

After several discussions with friends, some readers and my girl on a trip through wine country, I have decided to change the format of 365 Days of Comics from creating a post every day to creating a post when I am inspired to do so and/or have the time. Rather than carry on this ridiculous notion that I will catch-up on writing posts (2 months worth...yeesh, I was lazy) I will understand the reality that my time is split amongst my relationships, work, lots of TV viewing, going to the movies, reading (of comics and novels), writing on other websites like and, of course, the gym. I mean I have to stay buff.

I completed a year's worth of everyday posts about comic books, so I'd say the 365 Days thing was successful; but now, it's time to step into a roll outside of a writing exercise and into legit comic book blogging. Because nothing says "legit" like blogging.

So here I go. I look forward to writing new posts without the stress of getting them done on time (though it seems I stopped caring about that 2 months ago). Catch new comic book reviews and rabmlings here and over at My specific review area is titled: Room With a Review.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see some comments in the future...good ones...regarding my muscles.


Budd said...

I hear you. I have been doing A to Z this month and that is a huge time sink to do a post every day. I couldn't imagine doing that for a year. Look forward to your future posts.

Dom said...

Thanks Budd. I appreciate your continued viewing and comments.

Unknown said...
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