Friday, April 29, 2011

Detective Comics #876

Detective Comics #876 - 365 Days of Comics
Another killer whale of a story by Snyder and Jock
Scott Snyder has kept up his side of the deal we made in my head. I said I will continue to buy his Detective Comics issues as long as they remain the best book DC is producing every month. I made this deal with him in my head because that's where he has been since he started American Vampire over a year ago.

Detective Comics #876 begins a new arc, yet continues to draw on the Commissioner Gordon (and son) storyline which has been running through each Snyder Detective book. This issue is definitely another great story piece by Snyder, but it is accented by graceful sky dancing and fantastic facial expressions penciled by Jock.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

FF #2

FF #2 - 365 Days of Comics
Fire? You mean my burning desire to be awesome?
Why exactly is Doom asked to join the new Future Foundation (which I will always tyle as simply "FF" from now on)? Reed keeps saying he can explain, but he never actually does. FF #2 doesn't really give us more answers, but it does give us a nice twist at the end and some pitch-perfect art from Steve Epting. Oh, and Jonathan Hickman's Doom dialog is evilicious. (It's a word.)

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Punisher #60

The Punisher #60 - 365 Days of Comics
Marvel walking the thin line of racism.
Before Robert Downey Jr. played a man who underwent surgery to make himself black, in the film Tropic Thunder, Frank Castle underwent an operation to become a black man.

The Punisher #60 is a crazy issue I was unaware existed. I'm sure there were plenty of out-there stories, such as a man changing his skin color, by 1991; however, the fact that it happens in a mainstream brand aware publication like Marvel is pretty surprising. The issue itself features the Punisher getting his skin color changed so that he can lay low from the authorities, due to his recent brake out of prison. Later in the issue, Frank is still pulled over by the police, but this time because he is driving awkwardly. Once the cops notice he is a black man they are very aggressive with him and even call him a "coon."

The fact that the cops used such a horrible slur in the Punisher #60 is the most surprising aspect of the comic of the day. I do not believe changing a character's skin color is offensive, but a slur...well, that's ridiculous! I can't believe Marvel got away with it. Personally, I think it is fine to use depending on the context of the story. Obviously, the story is trying to point out the racism in our society and pointing out the discrimination that occurs even from our officials. Marvel isn't just throwing around slurs in this case, which is why it works as a shocking moment which identifies problems we have as a society.

Marvel handles the the Punisher #60 well except for the cover, which I think is penciled by Val Mayerik, the interior penciler. The cover features Luke Cage and a black Frank Castle, and they look exactly alike! Black people all look the same, huh? The men are so similar looking they had to draw a gun with one man to make sure people know that one is the Punisher. The only argument I can think of in Marvel's defense is that maybe they are supposed to look the same and be out of their uniforms to play on a theme like: outside of the rolls we (Cage and the the moment) play, we are one...a black man. Eh, I don't know. This is a crazy issue.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wolverine and Jubilee #4

Wolverine and Jubilee #4 - 365 Days of Comics
Thor looks so tiny compared to Jubilee.
As Wolverine and Jubilee comes to an end, I find that I the series didn't really have an effect on the characters or myself. Don't take that to mean that the book isn't does have moments I enjoyed (which I will get into in a moment), but like most non-event mini-series, it had no effect on the X-Men or Wolverine and Jubilee's future.

Passing on this comic of the day (or the trade when it comes out) is recommended, but if you are a hard-core Wolverine or Jubilee fan here are a few things to look forward to in Wolverine and Jubilee #4.
  • Wolverine and Jubilee continue to have very unique and playful banter. Jubilee makes fun of Wolverine constantly and talks back to him as if he is the push over father that allows daddy's girl to get away with anything. On the other side of the same token, Wolverine talks to Jubilee in a blunt style which comes across as a funny way to talk to a kid-like person. At one point Wolverine tells Jubilee he cut a zombie accountant's "fucking head off" and it just comes across as funny. Jubilee: what happened to that dude? Wolvie: fucking murdered him.
  • A giant dragon get's punched in the face.
  • Wolverine owns Emma Frost...verbally. I enjoy any interaction where someone talks back to Emma and gets under her skin. In Wolverine and Jubilee #4, Emma makes a brief appearance where she basically wants to lock Jubilee back up for tests. Wolverine knows what that experience is like, so he tells Emma nothing in regards to Jubilee's whereabouts and mocks her in the process. When will Jean come back and kick Emma out of the X-Men? Mind-cat fight!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

365 Days of Comics Gives in to Reality

After several discussions with friends, some readers and my girl on a trip through wine country, I have decided to change the format of 365 Days of Comics from creating a post every day to creating a post when I am inspired to do so and/or have the time. Rather than carry on this ridiculous notion that I will catch-up on writing posts (2 months worth...yeesh, I was lazy) I will understand the reality that my time is split amongst my relationships, work, lots of TV viewing, going to the movies, reading (of comics and novels), writing on other websites like and, of course, the gym. I mean I have to stay buff.

I completed a year's worth of everyday posts about comic books, so I'd say the 365 Days thing was successful; but now, it's time to step into a roll outside of a writing exercise and into legit comic book blogging. Because nothing says "legit" like blogging.

So here I go. I look forward to writing new posts without the stress of getting them done on time (though it seems I stopped caring about that 2 months ago). Catch new comic book reviews and rabmlings here and over at My specific review area is titled: Room With a Review.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see some comments in the future...good ones...regarding my muscles.