Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thunderbolts #152

Thunderbolts #152 - Comic of the Day
Lead the way to fun, Luke Cage!
Jeff Parker's Thunderbolts #152 is exactly what I want to read. Let's review why!

The comic of the day stays true to the Thunderbolts title by continuing to evolve the team through the addition and subtraction of members. Parker throws Hyperion, a Superman-like character, into the mix and doesn't tell the reader if he is an evil bad guy like Crossbones was or if he is just a misunderstood bad-due like Juggernaut currently is. As the story unfolds we see a side of Hyperion which the team did not expect and leads straight into the next issue.

The next aspect of the issue that I loved was that the Thunderbolts team with heavy hitters like Juggs, Luke Cage and now Hyperion are pitted against a bunch of monster sized creatures such as a snapping turtle the size of a city. Parker gives these amazing beasts to Kev Walker so that he may destroy the book with outstanding visuals. (When I say "destroy" I mean it in the sense that he owned art. Kev Walker gave the idea of art a head-lock and noogie, and told art that it will bend to his will. So "destroy" is a good thing.) Writing Juggernaut as he attacks giant creatures is fun to see, as well. Momentum building never felt so fun!

Fighting creatures is cool, but in the end I want to see some battles between people. As I touched on when mentioning Hyperion, the ending of the book bleeds it's way into an exciting lead-in to the next comic book where there is sure to be some fist damage done. My guess, Juggs and Cage put a new member in his place. A sign of a good issue is a comic book which makes you want to buy the next one. Well played Jeff Parker.

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