Saturday, February 5, 2011

SuperPatriot #1

SuperPatriot #1 - Comic of the Day
It's not the size of the star, it's how you use it
I never liked early Image comic books. Image started out with some great artists, but their writing talent was lacking big time. When I was a child and Spawn #1 came out I bought it up just like millions of others, but I didn't purchase another Image comic book until 10 plus years later. After receiving a bunch of old Image comic books from my friend's childhood collection...I can understand why it took me so long to be interested in another Image comic book.

Exhibit A - SuperPatriot #1

Can we all agree that the name alone makes us groan? There can't be many more modern characters with names that pander to an audience more than SuperPatriot. "Super", huh? Oh, like super-powers or super-human or super-hero. Okay, the first part establishes we are dealing with no ordinary Joe. And the second part? Patriot. Well played. Let's get those USA loving buyers' attention. Mom and Dad, this here is a safe one for the kids. It's about a patriot!

The cover further proves what an awesome patriot SuperPatriot is by the way he is shooting a gun (while doing a flip) and wearing an American flag-like costume which features a star right on his ball sack. Both of his weapons are American. F*** Yeah!

The inside of the issue is no better. The comic of the day is about figuring out how to control this government made agent. SuperPatriot is suffering from mistaking every super (there's that word again) character to be the Savage Dragon. The Savage Dragon is a popular Image character which is thrown in to help boost sales, I'm sure. Why SuperPatriot is seeing others as the Savage Dragon is unknown in SuperPatriot #1, and not compelling enough to make me want to read SuperPatriot #2.

I'll have to chalk this up as yet another mystery which will go unsolved. Damn.

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Timbotron said...

Dave Johnson's art is a big reason why this comic is a bit better than you are giving it credit for... Johnson interiors are a rare thing!