Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Invincible #60

Invincible #60 - Comic of the Day
The amazing Invincible #60 fold-out cover featuring the Image universe.
For whatever reason I only read Robert Kirkman comic books in collected editions. When I read the Walking Dead it was collected in a first volume hardcover. When I read Haunt it was collected in the first trade paper back. And as I continue to read Invincible (my favorite title of the 3 mentioned) I only read the hardcover collections which include about 10 issues each.

Reading the HC Invincibles is an amazing experience. Robert Kirkman has created a comic book which build reads like a Dan Brown novel in that every issue (chapter, in Brown's novels) leaves you wanting more from the following issue. Robert Kirkman isn't just writing about events in a superhero's life, he is writing about a superhero's life itself: an ever evolving and growing with experience life. These 10 issue books give fans the ability to dedicate a whole day to a story and character which entertains through (at times) non stop action, violence and emotional family issues. But what happens when the day is over and the reader is done with the latest hardcover edition?

Some readers begin to collect the individuals because they simply can not wait to read more Invincible. I, however, wait for the next hardcover, and that...has been horrible! It took nearly a year for the next hardcover edition to be released and an unfortunate case of memory loss hits me as open-up the edition and begin to read Invincible #60.

The comic of the day opens with Invincible walking out of some desert where he had smashed in the evil scientist guy's head. Well, the dude lives and all of a sudden (month's later according to the comic's narration) a ton of Invincibles from other dimensions are attacking the Image universe: smashed face to alternate universe Invincible onslaught in a matter of a couple of pages. I was so confused and the bombardment of action gave my brain no time to rest. It was awesome!

The issue is a bit of an Image event because it features some classic Image characters for the first time in the Invincible title. Spawn, Witchblade, Pitt and more show-up and both do some damage and get messed-up. Kirkman respects the power of the other characters while still displaying the might of Invincible.

If you've never read Invincible, do yourself a favor and at least pick up the first hardcover edition. I guarantee you'll be picking up the next 5, and thanking me one week later after your mind keeps you awake at night unable to sleep due to welcomed Invincible overload.

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