Thursday, February 10, 2011

Heroes for Hire #3 (Vol. 3)

Heroes for Hire #3 - Comic of the Day
Rock, paper, scissors...gun!? Cheater!
I figured it out. I just don't like Paladin.

Paladin is an on again off again superhero. In some comic books he is working for his own best interests and being a general jerk. Back during Civil War he tried to trick Captain America and capture him for the side of the government and in the future (according to the date on this post), in the Amazing Spider-Man #656, he makes a snide remark to Spider-Man which causes the web-head to lose his web-mind and get physical with Paladin. Normally, Spidey wouldn't hurt a super-fly, but Paladin is a super-jerk.

Another thing that can't be overlooked is Paladins uniform. He is wearing a padded purple suit with an old school hockey helmet. He is just a guy with a lot of body armor...and not the cool kind that's shaped like a skull on his chest. The purple hatred may actually root in the fact that I do not care for the L.A. Lakers who sport purple while playing a sport. That's just wrong! As a young boy I was trained to not like pink and purple, and to love sports. They should never be combined! Thinking about it a little more in depth, my anger towards purple may also come from the day the purple people eater, Grimace, ate my grandmother on a trip to McDonald's as a child. I had to walk home like 2 miles. That sucked!

In the end Paladin seems to be a poor-man's Hawkeye (also in purple), who is a poor-man's Captain America. Cap is the upper-class hero. Hawkeye is the middle-class guy. And Paladin is just some lower-class poor bum!

I think I could get into the comic of the day,  Heroes for Hire #3, and the earlier issues for that matter, I just gotta have more cowbell. Oh, and less Paladin.


Unknown said...

paladin is about as cool as rain at a bbq

Dom said...

He's as cool as the current side of the pillow.