Friday, February 11, 2011

Doom 2099 #2

Doom 2099 #2 - Comic of the Day
Bubble attack level 1...take that bad guys!
So, I kept reading...

The fun in any story involving Doom seems to root in his arrogance. In Doom 2099, Doom has traveled to a future where he is not known by his fellow country men (and women), let alone worshiped as he feels he should be. His castle is in shambles and he has essentially turned into the Zachary Taylor of Latveria (a forgotten leader of a great nation), yet he still acts like tough shit and walks around giving orders to people who helped him when he was torn-up by the villain in Doom 2099, Tiger Wylde (yeah, he looks kind of like a tiger). Doom consults nobody and does whatever he wants. At one point in Doom 2099 #2 a fellow country woman who helped Doom when he was injured confronts Doom. She complains that she was left out of the loop on important decisions (in regards to reclaiming Latveria), and Doom just brushes her off and says he has more pressing matters to attend to. Doom then just takes a walk to see his crumbled castle.

The arrogance and cockiness is fun to witness, but what makes Doom books good reads are the slight moments of compassion or humanity. In the comic of the day, you get the sense that though Doom may want to rule Latveria for selfish reasons he still genuinely cares for his people. He still recalls when he was a young nobody in Latveria when an evil dictator ruled. His father was killed and his people were forced from their homes, and Doom still remembers.

Doom 2099 has me interested in the showdown between Doom and Tiger Wylde...especially after the last page in Doom 2099 #2 when Doom emerges from the flames of a plane-crash and screams, "Tell Tiger Wylde... that Doom has returned... and war is declared!"

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