Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Doom 2099 #1

Doom 2099 #1 - Comic of the Day
Doom 2099 sports a sweet Donatello belt.
Along with those 10 issues for $10 of Ghost Rider 2099 I bought recently, I also purchased 26 issues for $20 of Doom 2099. The reason for that purchase was because I heard it was the best of the 2099 books (though that may not be saying much) and it also featured some of the first Warren Ellis Marvel comic books (issues #25 and #26).

First off, you need to do a double take at the cover. At first glance it's easy to miss; however, upon further examination you may notice that the two "O's" in "DOOM" have eye slits for the centers which resemble Doom's actual eye slits. The inner "O" is also red, as you will notice Doom's eyes are on the cover, as well. Oh, and after reading the keyword "eye slits" now three times, don't you feel a little dirty?

After reading the comic of the day, it is pretty clear why Doom 2099 seems to be the consensus pick for "best of 2099 books." Of all the 2099 comic books Doom 2099 is the only comic to include the original character. The Dr. Doom, in Doom 2099, is the Dr. Doom from current (at the time) continuity who had traveled forward in time further than he meant to go. The other 2099 comic books included new versions of old characters such as Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and the Punisher. Readers all ready know this arrogant, need for control, Doom and can accept the character quickly while they move onto understanding the story. It's really a great way of getting out of creating a new character, which can be difficult to do. A point which leads us back to Stan Lee's: Ravage 2099.


Budd said...

Spiderman 2099 was a solid book. Punisher wasn't bad but they all suffered from the writers using it as a future way of telling the exact same stories.

Dom said...

To be fair to the Spider-Man 2099 book, it did create a character that lived on through future titles such as the Exiles and even in the newest Spider-Man video game "Shattered Dimensions."