Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DC Universe Online Legends #1

DC Universe Online Legends #1 - Comic of the Day
DC for dummies.
Marvel is my main brand. I grew up reading mostly Marvel comic books and currently read mostly Marvel comic books. My love for Marvel is strong; however, that does not mean I do not also enjoy other publishers such as DC. Some of my favorite stories are DC stories such as All-Star Superman and Batman: The Long Halloween. So though I know Marvel well, I still know a little bit about DC and their characters.

Being a comic book fan means I am in the comic shop almost ever Wednesday and thus see all of the comic books that come out. I've been cover-coerced into buying DC books quite often. And with DC Universe Online Legends #1, that is exactly what happened.

The comic of the day follows the online video game's storyline involving Lex Luthor's eventual victory over Superman which turns into a betrayal by his alien computer partner Brainiac. That ol' story. The first issue does a nice job of setting up the problem which must be overcome: ridding the earth of Brainiac and dealing with Luthor's misguided ambition to kill Superman.

DC Universe Online Legends #1 turns out to be the perfect comic book for people who know about DC characters, but do not follow what is currently prominent in DC story-lines. Basically, if you are a person that doesn't follow the time-line of what's what these days with DC, this is the book for you.

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