Friday, February 4, 2011

Batman Beyond #2

Batman Beyond #2 - Comic of the Day
Geez, Micron. Share the cover once in a while.
Watching Batman, future or present, beat up the Justice League is always a nice treat for Bat-fans, but this comic of the day won me over not because of Batman giving the Justice League the boot, but because of how the future version of the Atom, Micron, gave Batman the boot, literally!

While Batman (Terry McGinnis, Batman's future young successor) is trying to systematically neutralize the Justice League, he loses track of the Micron and eventually finds the miniaturized fella on his shoulder. Before Batman can react Micron increases in size in a blink of an eye and crushes Batman under his large boot. It's pretty funny and awesome.

I never really thought about how that could be an effective attack move, but it totally worked in Batman Beyond #2. I started thinking that characters like Marvel's Ant-Man and DC's Atom could simply get airborne over the bad guys and just do a giant belly-flop on top of them.

Great scene!

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