Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ultimate Thor #3

With yesterday's post involving wolves fresh in my mind, I am treated to a fact that few people in the Marvel universe know: if you wanna kill Odin, you have to be a ice wolf.

Ultimate Thor #3 - Comic of the Day
The Mojlnir Maglite. May the mighty light thy way
Yeah, the poor eye-patched bastard goes the way of the god-like Dodo in Ultimate Thor #3 due to a run in with an ice-giant who knew the turn into wolf trick. A trick that left me with some questions... Ice is the solid form of water which can change shape very easily and quickly, so the shape-shifting can be justified, but if getting to the water state and back to the solid ice state was done so quickly wouldn't the ice-wolf shatter at the slightest touch of anything due to the extreme temperature changes? As soon as the wolf's ice-teeth struck Odin the teeth and thus wolf should have shattered. I guess there is no place for science among some gods (yeah, I get super profound like that).

The comic of the day was all out battle which was well displayed through some great ink work by Dexter Vines, once again. This is the second time I took note of the ink work in Ultimate Thor making me think that while Dexter may very good at what he does, maybe the coloring isn't very strong. The tones are a bit muted, but I am unsure if that is the reason for another inking standout performance. Hmmm, i wish I understood the art of inking more.

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