Monday, January 10, 2011

Thor the Mighty Avenger #4

Thor the Mighty Avenger #4 - Comic of the Day
The big guy is always so jolly.
The Thor "Boys' Night Out" issue is fantastic. Men drink. Men fight. Men have a good time. Stories like this sometimes make me wish I was more simple minded because the seemingly fun situations that Thor and the warriors three get into never happen to me. Sure I drink with pals, but I never get into a fight and then later drink with the person I just fought. Plus, I haven't been in a fight since middle school. What educated person still fights? Anyway, there is something to be said for the male longing to be more primal and less...well, nerdy.

I like sports!

Sorry just had to throw that in so I don't seem like a complete nerd (says the person with a blog who writes about a comic book a day).

Back to the comic of the day at hand...Thor's group has the perfect hangout ratio for a story. Thor the Mighty Avenger #4 includes Thor's buddies who fit all the classic group stereotypes: Thor is the all-around athletic cool/nice guy, there's a big fat guy, there's the ladies man, and there's a friend of a different race. The group of guys is straight out of a 90's high school movie...and I love it.

Something about the simplicity of the group, the simplicity of Thor's and Jane relationship and the simplicity of the art (by Chris Samnee...who puts together the 8 issue run of his far) makes Thor the Mighty Avenger #4 one of the all time best single buddy issues that I can remember. Oh, and the fact that I can't remember a straight-up buddy issue means all the past ones were forgettable and not well done.

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