Friday, January 21, 2011

Superior #4

Superior #4 - Comic of the Day
What's that hand really reaching for?
There a lot of great things happening in Superior #4 and only a couple of things that make me continue to question if I real do enjoy this story.

Mighty Mark Millar Moments
  • After reading the first issue of Superior I couldn't help but think how this little kid who turns into Superior is going to effect the actor who plays Superior in the comic book's movies. The look of Superior is based off of what the movies' actor looks like. So when the main kid (Simon) wishes to be Superior, he transforms himself into what he knows Superior to be, and how Superior looks. This means the actor who plays him has some guy flying around looking exactly like him, doing what he could only do in movies. Millar addresses the fact that the studio who makes the Superior movies wants to hold off on making another movie just in case there is a lawsuit issue for stealing the likeness. The actor is now out of luck when it comes to staring in anything else now, too. Who won't see Superior, a now real life hero, when looking at the actor now. Oh, also the actor's name is Tad. Great name.
  • Superior (Simon) determines he needs direction and thinks that if he goes to the white house and tells the President he wants to help the government in current conflicts (he mentions Afghanistan in the comic) that he is doing the right thing. By Millar having Simon think this is the right thing to do, Millar displays how children think: our government is always right and wars are won by brute strength and power. Simon means well, but he is still just a child. This can make him unknowingly dangerous, and if I've learned anything from reading comic books, the government always has secret plans (for people with powers) that are not always moral.
  • The evil monkey. Millar uses a goofy astronaut-suit wearing monkey the bad guy who is creating conflict by original making a kid a superhero and now enticing another kid to feel anger so that he can turn him into a super-villain. The monkey is just starting conflict seemingly for his own pleasure or other unknown reasons. It's weird that he is a monkey, but monkeys are creepy. Just ask my mom who hates the 3 M's: monkeys, Muppets, and midgets.

Mundane Mark Millar Moments
  • I have been told several times that Millar's style is to put a tag line on his comic books to give them an extra attention grabber. Superior #4 is no different that many of his other issues an includes the line, "The Best Book on the Stands." Really? It's ok. I don't no like it, but declaring the thing oneself produced is the best...well, that's just tacky. I was under the impression the readers, or even critics (creditable blog sites with a lot of followers, unlike mine), would be the judge of which comic was the "Best." On (a popular comic book and comic-culture community) users can rate which comic is their "pick of the week". The website displays all of the comic book issues which came out that particular week and then shows the percentage of user picks below the the issue. For the week of 1/19/2011 Superior #4 ranked 12th overall with an "iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage" of 1.7%. I would like to point out that DarkWing Duck #8 was a more favorable book that week with an "iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage" of 2.9%. Now, besides the liability of the book the rating of the book was high, but again, not the highest of the week. In no sense of the word "Best" is Superior #4 "The Best Book on the Stands."
  • In short...the female reporter, in the comic of the day, trying to kill herself just to get an interview from Superior (who would see her and stop her) was too Lois Lane-like for me.

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