Thursday, January 13, 2011

Secret Warriors #23

Secret Warriors #23 - Comic of the Day
Get that gut up on that scale, soldier!
This comic of the day was a very entertaining issue. Not entertaining in the normal thrilling story or action-packed paneling kind of way, but entertaining in The Biggest Loser kind of way.

Every time I happen to stumble upon an episode of The Biggest Loser I stop browsing and finish the show. There is something about watching people who have lived so many years without the ability to maintain a healthy and respectable life all of sudden be able to flip a switch and change. I think a lot of what may motivate the contestants is fear of looking even worse on television, or looking worse compared to others who are changing for the better around them. Whatever the reason for the individuals changes, they do do so. Seeing how much weight is lost at the end of a week of dieting and working out makes watchers like myself understand that health can be achieved if the effort is put forth.

After seeing an episode I most always then go to the gym and do my thing. For me I have to consistently go to the gym. I do so because the dieting side of the healthy living is tough for me. I end up eating poorly and then working out for about 2 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, just to keep at an equilibrium. Some of my friends tell me I would be totally ripped if I would just stop having it my way (BK reference). But alas...

Back on point, Secret Warriors #23 was a Biggest Loser issue. We see an individual discarded from his friends because his lifestyle commitment is lacking. If he can't take care of himself, how can he take care of others? That is the thought process of Nick Fury when cutting Sebastian Druid from the team. Fury then assigns an agent to whip him into shape physically. When this finally happens, Sebastian realizes he has more confidence in himself and can control his powers with great ability. He then gets to rejoin the Secret Warriors.

Hickman's tale is motivational. It's true that when one gets in shape they become cheerful and more confident. They have conquered their weight demons and can now take on the world knowing that hard work may be just that: hard, but when it is done the benefits are rewarding. After I read this issue I went to the gym.

I then came home and ate a whole Digiorno pizza.

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