Sunday, January 2, 2011

Planetary #19

Planetary #19 - Comic of the Day
19 issues in and we are already off planet...ary
I bought the fourth Planetary volume over a month ago and placed it on my bookshelf. I have been known to buy a book, comic and novel, and then just let it sit without once opening it up. After missing several Trivial Pursuit "Literature" questions it was pointed out (by myself) that maybe I should spend more time reading books and less time buying them. Maybe owning a book and appearing to be well read isn't the same as actually being well read.

Planetary volume 5 was opened today when some free time opened up in my schedule thanks to a first half shellacking of the Cleveland Browns, curtsy of the despised Pittsburgh Steelers. The writings of Warren Ellis is enough to place my rage at ease for a brief period of time today. But while my rage was at ease, my mind was not.

I understand a little bit when it comes to the perception of time and space but I was absolutely lost while reading Planetary #19. So many technical words were thrown into the mix when a conversation about compacted multi-dimensional information was being had. I powered through as one does when the do not understand a word in a sentence. Eventually the point of the word will be known based on the direction of the sentence or paragraph the unknown word inhabited.

Though I never was able to fully grasp the technical conversation I did enjoy the comic of the day for its depiction of a community in space which achieved an Earth-like evolutionary experience on it's own separate from an outside influence (save that of it's original unknown origin such as Earth's Big Bang origin). Oh, plus there was a huge purple humanoid creature laying dead in a field on the alien craft/object (the size of Manhattan). That was weird in a delightful way that Ellis has made standard practice to capture in Planetary. While reading a Planetary book one becomes disappointed if a giant alien, portal to an underwater world or ghosts of our future children are not discovered.

I was able to discover Planetary today because of an unfortunate event, but I will finish the last Planetary volume because I was once again reminded of why I bought the trade paper back in the first place: dead, huge, purple humanoid creatures.

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