Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Avengers #8 (Vol. 2)

The New Avengers #8 - Comic of the Day
Dinner, wine, a romantic.
Don't get me wrong, I love Stuart Immonen's work on the New Avengers and other team books (Nextwave is possibly the greatest comic series in the last ten years), but after many New Avengers issues in a row with the same artist it is nice to get a change of pace. Daniel Acuña takes his turn at the Marvel top selling New Avengers by introducing a Doombot, a squinty Luke Cage and an inconsistent, yet interesting, inking/coloring/outlining style.

Starting with the Doombot, the main thing I loved about Acuña's take was the power beams coming from the Doombot's hands. The blues are very intense and jump right off of the page and into my nervous system. I loved the Doombot even though I knew he was just that...a bot. Doom never just all of a sudden appears. And if he did just appear, two heroes couldn't take him.

Moving along to Luke Cage, I couldn't help but notice that his actual eyes were not present most panels. I guess a happy or strained face makes one lose the ability to see, rather one must feel with their heightened thoughtfulness and confidence, which Luke often exudes. I liked it, but at the same time I thought it was a bit goofy.

Now for the style of Daniel Acuña... The artistic ability is strong in this one, yet I did notice something that wasn't bad, rather it was just inconsistent. In panels where characters are set to a white background Acuña often gives a layer of color around the outside of the character. It is almost as if he used a highlighter to ink the characters (though there clearly is a black ink lining, as well). Personally, it works for me. The odd thing is that if you flip through the book you may notice that he doesn't always use this technique. Sometimes characters are just set on white backgrounds with nothing but the standard ink job separating the white from the characters. At first glance the inconsistency is not noticable, but once you notice it it does leave one wondering "why?"

Art aside, the comic of the day is a fun look into the lives of a superhero couple. The New Avengers #8 seems like an example of what Bendis would like to do with the comic book if he didn't constantly have to write the series to involve some overarching Marvel plot. It turned out to be a nice little show by Acuña and Bendis.

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