Friday, January 7, 2011

Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions

Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions - Comic of the Day
The super heroes all look very concerned.
In 1982 Marvel published it's first limited series, Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions. The event was a 3 issue arc which gathered most every Marvel super hero on the planet for what was essentially a scavenger hunt. Why exactly did they gather? Well...

An Elder, known as the Grandmaster, challenged Death to a contest to obtain four pieces of a golden globe (not the award). The globe would bring back the Elder's deceased brother so the Grandmaster challenged Death, a gambler, to a contest involving the earth's hero as pawns. Out of all the heroes on the planet, each contestant could choose 12 per team. This is where the book got stupid...yeah, not before, but at this point.

The characters chosen were ridiculous. Neither team included fast heroes that could search swiftly such as Quick Silver or the Silver Surfer (Why is it that the color silver is so fast if it gets second place in the Olympics?). Neither team also included elite characters such as Mr. Fantastic, the Hulk, Thor or Dr. Strange. There may have been a line about not choosing an Asgardian, but what about Strange? He can find anything with the voodoo that he do.

The teams, instead, consisted of no name International heroes Blitzkrieg (Germany); Collective Man (China); Defensor (Argentina); Peregrine (France); Shamrock (Ireland); Talisman (Australia), and a few well know American heroes such as Captain America, Daredevil and Iron Man. The series was trying to play up elements of working together no matter what one's nationality, but by not having more of their coolest characters in their first limited series they ended up making the story less compelling and quite forgettable. I had no idea they series existed until I saw it in the bargain bin at the Comic Bug (the local comic shop).

When it comes to super hero mash-ups the Infinity Gauntlet is still my pinnacle.

Oh, and by the way, guess who handled the art on the comic of the day, Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions? Here's a hint...he did and still does the art on everything Marvel. If you said John Romita Jr., you know your Marvel.


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