Monday, January 31, 2011

Marvel Comics Presents #100 (Vol. 1)

Marvel Comics Presents #100 - Comic of the Day
The back cover shows Wolverine crushed.
Even a comic book can get cocky.

On the last page ( actually the interior of the back flap which is also a second cover on the Marvel Comics Presents comics) there is an image of Wolverine with a statement underneath which reads: Here's to Another One Hundred Issues of Marvel Comics Presents. With only 25 issues to go, Marvel stopped Marvel Comics Presents at issue #175.

So what had Marvel Comics so cocky in Marvel Comics Presents #100?

The issue starts with Doctor Doom (ok, good start), then Ghost Rider is thrown into the mix (alright, skull-top is popular at the time in 1992), then we throw in the ever present Marvel Comics Presents hero Wolverine (here we go, now I'm digging this) and they all meet while Doctor Doom slumbers (wait...what?).

Doctor Doom is being terrorized while he sleeps by the menacing villain Nightmare, and Doom won't allow himself to be attacked even while he gets some shut eye. After all, even super villains need their sleep. Doom's plan to fend off Nightmare by using Ghost Rider's experience with demons that mess with one's head and Wolverine's fierceness in general kind of works in regards to getting rid of Nightmare, but creates even more animosity towards himself from Ghosty and Wolvie.

The comic of the day is an example of how to get major characters together and not have them have an effect on main stream story lines. If a character fights in a dream than they are good to go in actual Marvel life. Personally, I feel a little cheated by comics like this. I generally enjoy reading on-goings which actually effect the world they are in. The dream stories are kind of cheap ways to bring characters together, but in the end, the reader does get to enjoy several cool characters in one book.

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Budd said...

Wow, Wolvie is supporting all 100 issues all by his lonesome.