Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Infinite Vacation #1

The Infinite Vacation #1 - Comic of the Day
An app-solutely great idea!
Last year I was intrigued by The Invincible Iron Man #31 and issue #30 because they included a storyline which made use of smartphone applications. The issues used internet apps on the phone to control aircraft, and at the time I thought that was a cool idea, but what Nick Spencer comes up with in The Infinite Vacation #1...well, it's like no app ever created.

The Infinite Vacation is a comic that is based around a smartphone app that allows one to buy, sell or trade alternate realities of yourself. Basically, you can buy the ability to live your life in another reality. The alternate realities are your lives if you had made a different choices at different points in your life. Examples the comic of the day uses are the differences in talking to and not talking to a girl at a coffee shop and deciding to go or not go to Hawaii to start a surf shop.

The idea is very timely to the ever growing online app store reality we currently live in, and yet far enough out there to justify being in a comic book. To be honest, I thought "Angry Birds" would be the first app with it's own comic book.

Praise of the book aside, there were a couple of parts to the book that were tough to get past.
  • The section where real photos of some dude are used to explain the application rubbed me the wrong way. The wrong way like when you rub the sofa fabric the opposite way from how it naturally sits and it makes that part of the sofa look like it is off-color. For some reason it's amusing to do, but in the end having the sofa maintain one full color makes the sofa look better.
  • If such an advanced app exists, why are people still using smartphones to access the data? Shouldn't there be holographic phones are little holographic tablets that appear by moving your hands a certain way (you could have the projection through a wrist band)? I just didn't feel like the rest of the world didn't have an advanced enough feel to it...compared to the app being used, of course.
With beautiful art by Christian Ward (I'd like to get an app that would make every comic use colors the way Ward does) and a fun creative story by Nick Spencer, The Infinite Vacation #1 is worth picking up in stores or by use of some digital comic app.

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