Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Incredible Hulk #252

The Incredible Hulk #252 - Comic of the Day
Toys"R"us used to be awesome!
Tonight I am going to try a new type of comic of the day post which has been done plenty of nights previously, yet it never had a definitive name. Tonight I give this type of comic book post a name. Tonight I present the first official...

Drunken Comic Books

The comics themselves are not drunk; rather, they are inanimate objects and drinking would only cause them to be wet and later-on stained. And that...I will have none of.

While opening up The Incredible Hulk #252 I noticed....Oh, wait! First of all, every time I see the issue #252 I think of The Amazing Spider-Man #252 because it is the landmark issue which first brings the alien symbiot (black costume) to the main Spider-Man title.!

I'm not sure if it's the fact that I am drunk, or just comic books from this era (The Incredible Hulk #252 was produced in 1980), but there are way too many words. Every panel has narration, thought balloons and word balloons. Each panel is jammed packed with information which the art on the page could convey on it's own. Doesn't it seem a bit odd that a Hulk book has so much text? The character is short on words, yet his comic book is more than happy to blabber on.

The issue is just another "Hulk save friends from monsters" issue and not nearly as memorable as the above mentioned Amazing Spider-Man #252. Yet the thing...sorry, I just stepped away to watch a buzzer beating shot by some college women's basketball player. The announcer said "you go girl" and totally belittled the situation. Kind of messed-up. Anyway... The thing that will make The Incredible Hulk #252 memorable to me are the outdated and ridiculous advertisements.

The Ads
  • The first ad has a comic drawing picture of O.J. Simpson and states, "The 'Juice' says...'Show Them Your Heels'." It's an advertisement for Spot-bilt athletic spiked-running shoes. It's funny to look back and think about how O.J. was known as a huge celebrity back in the day and not as a man who got away with murder. Sadly enough, like Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman apparently O.J. also killed Spot-bilt shoes because I have never heard of them.
  • The second ad has a multi page spread and is basically selling rings to men: "Gentleman's rings." Who buys a comic book and then is enticed to buy a ring? Are there secure men who think they can get away with buying a nerdy comic book and still be macho enough to pull off wearing a ring? If so, that guy is awesome. He does what he wants just like the Hulk. And like the Hulk, after wearing one of the cheap rings sold in this comic book for a while I'm sure his finger will also be green.

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