Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Heroes for Hire #2 (Vol. 3)

Heroes for Hire #2 - Comic of the Day
This one's for the Silver Asians!
Why do I do this to myself? I think I just start to make up reasons to buy comic books for the sake of collecting.

Back in late November, I wrote that I would let this comic go. I had nothing positive to say about and even questioned why I bought issue #1 in the first place. I am today. Today being the day I actually wrote this post, not the date notated below...I mean...all of my posts are written on time! Anyway, this time the comic of the day achieved further odd reactions from me. The notable one being my feeling on how Silver Sable was handled.

Silver Sable is European, right? On the cover she looks Asian, which isn't to say that she can't be Asian. I just don't think she is...or was. I know most comics have a different cover artist these days, but how about a little consistency? They wouldn't put a green Hulk on a cover and then put a red Hulk on the inside... That may have been a very bad example or a very good example. I'll let you decide.

Another thing that bothered me about Silver Sable was (this going to make me sound like a square but...) the way her boobs were drawn. Sigh. Maybe I am getting mature in my old age (28) or maybe her boob on the first page is shaped too much like a Hershey Kiss that I can't let this stand! I know women are drawn so over the top in most every book, but it is (I can't believe I am saying this) starting to wear on me. I like the more realistic women drawings where their bodies can be athletic, but also proportional. An athletic women is often less "set" then how women are portrayed in many comic books. Heroes for Hire #2 was so out of control (figure-wise) that I had to mention it.

So back to the top. Why did I buy this book and "do this to myself?" I like to collect, my buddy at work wanted me to pick it up since he read my first one too, and I'm an idiot. There is no way I will get Heroes for Hire #3.

(Update: I got Heroes for Hire #3. I have a problem.)


Sollywoods said...

I made the mistake of getting this one too... But only because Abnett and Lanning. I will not worry about this series anymore. I've seen the error of my ways

Dan said...

Yea you can stop buying this comic although it is starting to actually have plot behind it finally. I'm sure however that it will be a big let down in the end