Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fantastic Four #587

Fantastic Four #587 - Comic of the Day
Is that 3 in Helvetica?
Rather than going into the comic book itself, which has been discussed to death (literally), I would like to write a word about the containment unit of Fantastic Four #587. Yes, the thick Hefty-type bagging that encased this comic of the day was the real story.

The Superman Effect

It was great idea for Marvel to release the comic in the black bag with nothing but the circled number 3 on the front because many comic book collectors, like myself, ended up buying two issues: one issue to open and read, and another issue to never open an keep as a collectors item. When Superman died, in Superman #75, DC released the issue in a black bag. Collectors who did not open the bag were rewarded (are still rewarded) with a slightly higher value given to the comic book. These unbagged issues will be worth a bunch of money one day, and collectors who never opened their loot will look like geniuses one day. Unfortunately, until that day comes (if it ever does) collectors of this issue, and Superman #75, will be known as the freaks placing the issue in a bag, into a another bag...with a piece of cardboard, of course.

Nightclub Wristband Packaging

Don't get me wrong. I've ripped through a plastic bag before. I've ripped through a grocery, a trash, and even tote bag to get what I want (grocery - food...trash - food due to a rough patch in my life...tote - that puppy had it coming), but the bag that sealed Fantastic Four #587 must have been made of the same material that Reed's suit is made of. I could not tear that sucker apart without the use of my keys...which unlock my scissor drawer. The bag was basically the equivalent to one of those nightclub wristbands which you try just pulling off when you leave, but no matter your power level it simply wont snap. It ends-up getting super thin and string-like while digging into your wrist and fingers as you drunkenly continue to pull at it. Now, I must admit I did not Hulk-out on the bag for fear of damaging the interior goodness. The comic inside is much like the inside of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I like to gently eat the surrounding chocolate and leave the inner peanut butter intact. I then eat the peanut butter as a singular unit. Yep, just straight peanut butter. The Easter Egg and Christmas Tree Reese's are the best!


Budd said...

The bag was a technique to ensure rarity amongst undamaged copies of the book, this will in turn raise the books value.

I eat the ridges first. How do you get the chocolate off of the top and bottom.

Anonymous said...

You bought two? What a sucker.

Dan said...

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